Jul 25, 2008

So my laptop crashed real bad...it won't even turn on...
I was excited about posting some eyeshadow swatches...

-last weekend was SantoGolds concert! I was on 5th ave right by central park but ...me and my friend winnie decided not to go...it was way tooooo damn hot to be surrounded by sweaty nasty ppl lmao. Plus the fact my boyfriend was being ugh... And also it was too late... I knew by the time we would get to the summer stage we would be all the way in the back :( heard it was a good show...maybe next time?

So we were really hungry,we walked to BBQ Dallas...I love their hot wings..so yummy! we were going to go see the dark knight but it was sold out :( . We went to union square and sold out there too...went to jamba juice & forever21....we were going to go see wall-e but it was too late,I had to go back to grand central and catch my train to go home :( .

This week was my last week of summer courses,hopefully I passed.Real school starts the last week of august,& I'll start applying for F.I.T. ....I hope I get accepted! Anyway just wanted to update real quick ,wish I could post my eyemakeup today...that new MAC eyeshadow is amazing!I have a purple smokey eye going on today lol . Real update when my laptop gets here..

Jul 22, 2008

yes i`m still alive

Hello everyone! I will have a real update later on this week probably tomorrow... i have some eyeshadow swatches and makeup reviews and my weekend update! && Taryn how u do that damn mosaic thing on flickr?

Jul 16, 2008

Sushi,Sushi,& more Sushi

I`ve had sushi four days in a row.. is that healthy? lol i was in a sushi drought and all of the sudden i`ve been eating it religiously . I love it. I told my boyfriend he needs to learn how to make some :D

Anyway my weekend.... nothing exciting, all i did was work and ugh i hate it.

Oh! I dyed my hair, my hair was very black and i wanted to go lighter for the summer so it`s like a reddish dark brown... its Ok for now but i`ll probably dye it again later on to the color i wanted.

Jul 11, 2008

I love...

Above: MAC`s ElectroFlash eyeshadows, UrbanDecay foundation,Eye Primer Potion,& Eyeshadow in Ransom, MAC`s lipbalm&Powder Brush,MAC`s Neo Sci-Fi nail polish. Essie`s nail polish, and a eyelash curler.
I need all of those items in my life... I need to get MAC`s eyeshadow before it sells out!
Oh and if you go to polyvore.com you can make your own collages :D

Today`s plans

So yesterday I was proud of myself for running with one of my friends. She`s in the AirNationalGuard && she has to get back in shape lol. So we ran/walked this bridge in our town, I haven`t been there in yearsss so it was pretty cool to go. I gained weight these past couple of weeks, I need to get back in shape. Today we`re suppose to go to the gym && do body exercises.

After that i`m going to hang out with my friend and go see Wall-e! I`m very exited, I know it`s going to be a good movie.So thats today`s plans. Let`s see what tomorrow bring.. oh and it`s payday! Too bad I have to pay my phone bill. This morning my phone got turned off :(

Jul 10, 2008


I`m sure everyone has heard about the free Central Park concert right? If not, mark your calendars!! July 20th she`ll be performing along with A-track and Kid Sister. It starts at 3pm-7pm. I`m going...anyone else going?? If u see me say hi :D

Jul 7, 2008

Who is Purple Lipstick?

I wanted to post a little bit more about myself.... since my profile really doesn't say much about me. & i wanted to post about my 4th of july weekend :) . 

Hmm where do i start??
- I am in love with make-up! I really can't remember how i started with this infatuation but i hope it never fades since i plan on going for a career that involves it. I want to go into Beauty Industry Merchandising & Marketing. Before that i had a thing for Graphic Design, i took a year of art at college and i realized it just wasn't what I wanted... 
-I live an hour and change away from NYC <3
- I plan to attend F.I.T. in Spring 09.... wish me LUCK.
-Photography is pretty darn amaziing.
- I'll be 20 next year
- Sneakers&Flats are a must for me :D
- I work at Footlocker.
- Ummm yeah that pretty much sums it for me... i know there is more to me but thats pretty much the important issh right about now...

So last week all i did was go to summer school.. i got 3 more weeks left thank-god! & then on thursday Wednesday  i went to these outlets and bought myself a Betsey Johnson bracelet i wanted back in Feb. 

It's the Valentines Day Edition and i more than love it. :D
On Thursday i went to go visit the boyfriend, while he was at work i was playing with make-up in Sephora & napping in central park. I ended up spending the night in the city, didn't plan on it but shit happens. I was suppose to watch the fireworks in the city buuuut weather didn't look too good :( . So i went home & had to say good-bye to him :(
Oh & we made a month.. go us!
That was my weekend pretty much.... how was yours?

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