May 11, 2008

MAC DazzleGlass

MACs much anticipated lipgloss.
i know i`m late as hell, but tomorrow i`m going to the mall. i think i`ll pick up moneyhoney&&getrichquick.
i`m a MACwhore ;)
anyway my  mother told me last week that she saw on the news that the shine from the lipgloss attracts the uv rays from the sun even more and that you could develop cancer.know what i said?? 'ma everything gives you cancer now a days'..
besides...i prime my lips with some sort of spf chapstick..
The school semester is over, what to do now?? I guess i`ll start playing with makeup even more than i used to...i need to get a job at MAC...arghhh
i`m craving some sushii<33


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