Jun 29, 2009


As everyone knows i`m a HUGE Twilight Fan,I follow everything Twilight. My girl Jess AKA Yoshi from WhatTheForks made the TwiCon finals ( if she wins she`ll get the chance to interview the twilight cast ) So please help her out and vote. Her name is Jessica Gueco && her video is so cute & funny CLICK HERE TO VOTE , it only takes a second! & if you are a Twilight fan you should check out the WTForks blog :D & VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!

Jessica Gueco

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Team: Team Edward

Jessica, aka “Yoshi,” takes a bit of Twilight with her everywhere she goes. Her workspace is no exception. With posters, desktop wallpaper, and the saga, itself, ready to be loaned out at any moment, Jessica does little to hide her obsession. And she wants to share it with everyone else. Her blog (whattheforks.wordpress.com) is her way of spreading the Twi-love. But the biggest sign of her mania is the trip she took to Vancouver to catch a glimpse of the filming of New Moon.

Jun 21, 2009

Summer in Tumblr. . .

The Cosmo Life @ Tumblr. . . .

SOOOOOO okayyyy shit is SO MUCH easier over @ tumblr.... i`m not going to leave this blog because this is my home... think of it as a summer vacation... lmao . But really i`ll post there MORE && shit. So if you have one please add me there. . . if you don`t . . .umm sorry?

I LOVE ALL MY FOLLOWERS, all 200+ of you.

Hope to see you there. . .

x o x o

Kay LipStick

& for the record i love my boobs



Jun 18, 2009

FUCK YOU, putting up a front && what not. . .

Jun 17, 2009

Dumb girls...

Okay so like i was saying in my previous post after i left Sole' i headed to NYC to the set of "Remember me" where Robert Pattinson aka Edward Cullen from Twilight was.... I was super excited cause i wanted to see him & take pics of him nothing big yanno.. i know i say i wanna rape him & have his babies & shit LMAO but wow some of those girls MOBBED him... i was not there when it happened but from this video.. wow... bitches get a FUCKING GRIP... he is a person too... give him some fckin space...smh

So i got there && he was already done shooting outside he was inside a building... so i hit up a friend to ask when he would be out... she gave me a time.. mind you i don`t live in nyc so i had to make decisions... so i decided to wait for him to come out... i was there for a while just waiting.. it fckin POURED... thank god i had my umbrella.. LMAO YEAH SOLE SEE... so around 7pm some random ass girl was like "OMG HE JUST LEFT" everyone was like wtff . SO i guess `cause dumb girls mobbed him he left out a backway or something.... at first i was like this bitch is an extra & she`s lying so we could leave... lmao but then i put two & two together & realized he was GONE. i wanted to cry.... lmao cause really i spent like 2hrs sitting out by a ledge just waiting :(.... i was heartbroken... i met some nice girls... i think i see her in that video... she wasnt all up on him though she was jus taking pics....anyway yeah

*sad face* i hope i get to see him/meet him before he leaves nyc ;[

anyone else going to the set? or know someone whos an extra lmao GET @ me...

wknd update;*

hey lovies ♥

My Jersey wknd with Sole' was def THE SHIT. She`s like a big sister to me =) . We ate so much damn food, watched True Blood season one marathon, went to the festival, & just lounged around & shopped ;] . I cannot wait to chill with her again, so glad i got to meet her & shit. I also met up with Sheena from Chainsaws & Jelly... such a cutie! Too bad I only saw her for a few then we got seperated ;[ . Next time mamas ;]

anyway here are some pics :D

sole's "mermaid" look i did on her ;]. i gets down with makeup...

-reppin` Ms.Rissa .... makeup done by Sole' ...

-looove Sangria & Sole did a random pic lmao

& lastly me leaving Sole' on my way to see R.Patz.... ha yeah about that... read next post....

Jun 13, 2009


i`ll be gone for the wknd yay! i`ll be with this btch  Sole' aka Glamorous-Vandal' ;D && meetin up with all these btchs hopefully..... TinaBMarie , Nini & Tati ,Sheena , & whoever else lmao

We going to the Portuguese Feast... did i spell that right?whateversss..... i hope i bump into Robert Pattinson while i`m trying to get to penn station but i doubt it lmao.. sexy man... anyway hllr @ me...expect pics next week ;)

Jun 12, 2009


Go behind the scenes of Issue 6's fashion spread, "Long Days, Short Summer" debuting June 21st, 2009

Long Days, Short Summer

* omg i can`t wait for issue 6! Oh and if you guys didn`t know... i contribute to 21 mag too ;)

Jun 10, 2009


Shit that needs to get done before my New Jersey Getaway;

  • pack clothes & shit for this wknd
  • find something to wear for this wknd
  • clean my brushes
  • find my twilight dvd
  • clean my room..again ;]
  • bump into r.patz somehow...lmao
  • paint my nails

ummm yeah someone find me r.patz ' location....... sexy ass man *rawwwr

idkkkkk like it`s so confusing. i changed my mind.... i cant say i love you when i know you`re probably telling "i love you too" to someone else who doesn`t deserve it.... maybe it`s best that i stop before i get in too deep again. . . . . i`ll see better days soon


Jun 8, 2009

a little update*

I haven`t been keeping up with this blog like i promised but i`ve been working my ass off & just chillin`. but anyway i wanna thank all the new followers ♥ . I do try to comment each & everyone of u & check your page out.... 

oh and my blog is not a twilight blog but i`ll post what the fuck i want thanks ;]

uhhh lets see i`m saving up for my damn car. practicing more with makeup since i plan to do it as a gig this summer yay lol. 

thats it.... love life? eh there is no love life for me... *shrugs* 

I just miss you
lets end this issue 
we’ve put pride to misuse
we both lose call a truce 
whats the point whats the use
of walking away with no excuse 

Jun 3, 2009

Gotta love 3ways...

So for two nights already i`ve been 3waying * i know sooo juniorhigh ish* lmao with Sole' (GlamorousVandal) && Rissa (Cupcakes To Soften Yo Hustle) and its frickin hilarious. They stay making fun of me && my twilight obsession. I love those girls. Wish they lived around my way but Sole' lives close so that makes me happy! Anyway last night we were talking about bullets lmao && this is part of the conversation

Rissa: I need to go to LA to get some bullets...
Me: Oh... do you find them on the floor or something?
Rissa,Sole, && Rissa's mom *i think* started laughing their asses of
Me:........ no really do u?

lmfao i was i really dead ass serious....blonde moment -_-

anyway Rissa girl i cant wait for my pieces ;] && u know me & Sole' gotchuuuu ♥ 


As you all know, or maybe not, i write for Dont Trip..Yet && we came out with some totes! 


Get you LIMITED EDITION DTY Tote Bag before there gone!
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