Mar 23, 2011

Vans x Jesse Jo

VANS always brings the hottest collabs ( & hottest parties) , clicking around the web today I stumbled upon a new collaboration with yet another dope female artist, Jesse Jo.

I like died 100 times because 1. LEOPARD PRINT & CREEPERS. 2. Her Godmother is CHER, that just gives you a million cool points. 3. I like her attitude!

So here are some of the images from her lookbook, also get to know her a little bit more by watching her exclusive Vans video! She can invite me over for breakfast anytime , and be my shop buddy. Btw, isn't her hair great??

More info: Le click*

Mar 14, 2011

Things I want but don't really need Part I;

Every time I go in Sephora I keep mentally adding things to my list, these right here are a most for me within the next month or so. Have any of you tried them?
1. The Beauty Blender
2. Makeup For Ever HD Powder
3.Philosophy Shampoo in 'Margarita'
4. Marc Jacob's new 'Daisy' perfume
5. Benefit's Erase Paste
6. NARS lipstick

Mar 1, 2011


These winter days have gotten the best of me and of course my hair. Spring is 20 days away and I don't know about you but I am ready for a new look! I've always wanted to head to a NYC salon and treat myself! Well it looks like my hair prayers have been answered!

Rare Salon is running a great blowout package! You get 4 blowouts for the price of 3!
"A luxurious treatment shampoo
and condition wash, followed by a scalp massage, and signature blowout.
Purchase by March 15th for $165. Expires April 20th."

I can't wait to go this month!
Follow them on twitter for more updates!


Every year I ALWAY say "I`m going to lose weight", yanno usually when my skinny jeans won't fit and everything else doesn't look the same way it used to and I look into the mirror and say "I`m a large marge"

This year I AM FINALLY WORKING MY BUTT OFF!!! I am so happy and feel more energized and I cannot wait to see the results. Sometimes I feel like I`m on that MTV show, working out and cussin myself why I ate that slice of cheesecake. Anyway, usually I start by warming up on the elliptical, run on the treadmill, (I try to run 2 miles), work on my arms, glutes, "love-handles", and of course stomach. I also take group classes which I love because to me, when you are working in a group you feel motivated and feel like you can't fall behind. The classes I take during the week are: Spinning, Kick-boxing, and Total body training.

It's been only a month, my endurance has definitely gone up. I think I lost a little bit of weight on my thighs and stomach, nothing big. I keep telling myself that its not magic and nothing will happen overnight. I also don't weigh myself. The scale tends to get some people discouraged and back to their bad eating habits and not working out as hard....

I am sharing my journey with you guys and excited to show you guys what I eat and how my body has transformed. Right now I weigh 130lbs (I checked 3weeks ago), I might check again at the end of March....

The other day I found an A M A Z I N G website that must be shared:

This is like the best help ever! It gives you easy food recipes, things you should order when you go out, and products to buy at your supermarket! Here are some of the pages I've bookmarked and things I want to try! Enjoy!!

Those are some of my fav links, I know there's more but, you get the idea :)

Feb 12, 2011

V-day My Way

Yes ladies, Valentines day is this Monday! Unlike many single ladies out there, I am not sad at all! I'm actually looking forward to it. I think its silly when girls turn all bitter towards this holiday when once upon a time (when they had a boyfriend) they were all smiles and giggles on that day. This is my second year in a row that I will be celebrating it on my own, let's just say that the bottle of Moet will be my love this year haha!

Here is my idea of a perfect valentines day for a single girl like me! Watch Glee episodes, sip on some champagne, eat chocolate covered strawberries, macaroons, do a Lush spa at home! The possibilities are endless, and while you're at it, invite a friend.

Pictures VIA EVO;

The following are just random pics I've taken with my phone:


Kitty MoMo being silly

Birthday Card from Tiera

H&M Heart Sunglasses

Free Starbucks Sample

Milk Chocolate Swedish Fudge ♥

Kitty MoMo

Birthday cake from my co-workers

GLEE x OPI Sephora ; Diva-in-Training swatch

The other day I posted the Glee x OPI collection, turns out my best-friend Tiera gifted me for my birthday with one of these nails polishes. She got me the beautiful pink color "Diva-in-Training" inspired by Santana ;D. I am in love with this color, its a perfect summer color in my opinion. I want to try more of these colors for sure, like "Hell to the no" and "Who let the dorks out?." Have any of you tried them??

Feb 8, 2011


If these songs/performances don't turn YOU into a GLEEK. Then I feel sorry for you. You are missing out on the best show ever!!!! Gahhhhh

Head will roll *click

GLEE x OPI Sephora

My nail prayers have been answered! I am super excited to try some of these colours , I am a huge nail polish junkie and a GLEEK.

With names like 'Who let the dorks out' and 'Diva in training', who could resist?
Shop at your Sephora store, I doubt the ones in JCpenny will have them.

His music brings me pure joy!!!!! Like seriously, I don't think I can get tired of him. It almost reminds me of Prince. Check out his video below, 1:58 is when the fun starts.

He will be performing on Feb 24th in NYC! I want to go! More info *le click

Currently L ♥ v i n g;

These are like my favorite items ever!
1. Revlon Colorburst lipstick in 'Soft Nude'- this is my "everyday" lipstick, it gives me the best nude lips for my skin tone. I`m a mac nc42 btw. I think its so important that girls find the right shade of lipstick. Don't look like you just finished eating a powdered donut! Not cute!
2. LUSH 'Sweet lips' lip scrub- I got this last summer and its still almost full. Granted I could of made my own at home, but I`m lazy so sue me. This product is perfect for the winter when you have skin peeling off your lips =( .
3. Sonia Kashuk's blending sponge- I ADORE!! Blends my makeup oh so good, easy to use, easy to clean. Find it at your local Target.
4. MAC's "studio finish concealer"- I've always heard great things about this, it covers dark circles, blemishes, you name it! With this baby you don't need a face full of makeup!
5.Nivea's "touch of honey" lipbalm- Smells DELISHHHH. I put it on every chance I get. Smooth sexy lips for winter!

This is not a comeback..

I`m not going to sit here and say that "I`m back" , every time I say this.... I go MIA. So I`m just going to blog what my little heart desires and hopefully things will go back the way they were.

Sunday Feb 6, was my 22nd birthday!! Wow, I`ve been blogging on here since I was like what 19?! I've met some pretty awesome people off here.

I have tons of pictures I've accumulated that I think I`ll post soon for you guys. A lot has happened, I am more focused on school now than these online websites I used to be a part of. I`m not throwing shade what-so-ever, but I feel like I`m not where I thought I'd be by 22.

I still help a few places out but, I think it's time I help myself out before anyone else.

This blog will be a lifestyle blog, I can't just blog about makeup because theres more to me than makeup. It's going to have a little bit of everything, a variety.

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