Feb 28, 2009


fewer updates! Lately I haven't been on my 'school ish' , I guess being on the Dean's List got to my head . . .  ;[ . I think I failed a midterm.. yeah not cool. I have to start doing my h.w more often & studying... I am so excited about applying for F.I.T so I do not want to mess this up...

Also I believe I am part of the 21-Magazine team,I've been meaning to post about their blog & online magazine but I forget shit & I am lazy . This magazine is pretty cool, they talk about art,music, fashion, & so on. Check them out! Also look out for my article in next month's issue about make-up ;] . I think I pretty much touched on basics & how to have that flawless face along with some cheap alternatives... Enough about me, go to their website & read some dope articles..

http://21-7magazine.com/  && their blog

So yeah I`ll be juggling 3 things... My blog, Dont trip...yet, & 21 mag.
Think I can manage? Yeap I think sooo!

Feb 25, 2009


When I saw these in a magazine I swear I had a shoegasm! These shoes are fucking hot!
I'd buy them.... but they're $1,275. . .  yeahhh about that =\

and this purpleish color is love!

I`d kill for these!

Feb 24, 2009

Purple Lipstiick's February Faves;

Hey guys so lately I've been in like this "buying chapstick & lip balm all the time" frenzy && I thought it would be a good idea to post my favorite chapsticks/lip balms. && put my 2 cents in ;] .

- Especially in these cold winter months when your lips get all nasty and chapped... not cute lol

1. MAC's tinted lip conditioner in "Pink Fish" ( part of the MACxHellokitty collection) for $14.50 . 
-This lip conditioner is a soft neutral pink and very nicely pigmented. This stuff makes your lips soft , plus it has SPF 15 . I've been using it all the time ever since I bought it last week ;] . If you are not fond of pink , go to maccosmetics.com where they have different shades!

2. Burts Bees Replenishing Lip Balm with Pomegranate Oil for $3.00 
- omg I loooooooooooove this stuff!! Too bad it does not have SPF ;[ . It makes your dry chapped lips super soft & gives you a hint of color . It smells yummy & I am addicted to it. Go to your local drugstore for some!

3. Aquafina Flavorsplash Lip Balm for $3.99
- These lip balms come in different flavors and all of them taste & smell yummy. The fact that they give so much moisture to your lips amazes me. I did not even know Aquafina did lip products lol. Sadly it does not have SPF ;[ .

4. Nivea Lip Care A Kiss Of Moisture , Hydrating Lip Care for  $2.49
- WOW, I cannot stress how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE this. I remember when I bought this my lips were super chapped and I applied this and, I swear the dryness disappeared & made my lips SUPER SOFT & SUPER Kissable ;] . It has SPF 4, which is something but not enough for me. But other than that this stuff is amazinggg!!!. I use this a lip primer before I put my LipGlass on lol.

5. Soft Lips  Lip Protectant/Sunscreen for $3.69 
- Ok this baby right here, they are not kidding with the whole soft lips thing! The fact that it has a SPF of 20 makes me even more happy! This is a great lip balm for the summer! This is like the best lip balm ever! They come in different flavors like vanilla,raspberry, mint & so on.

Well there you have it! My top 5 favorite lip balm products! Prices might differ btw.I hope this helped some of you if you have trouble finding that perfect lip balm for your dry chapped lips lol . Any questions leave them right here & I`ll answer them ;]

Feb 21, 2009


Yesterday I finally went to go see Coraline :D . It was sooooo gooooood  I LOVED IT . Already entered the contest & i`m excited. A girl can only dream right? lol. After the movie me & my friend went to get some AMAZING SUSHI , omg best sushi I have everrrrrrrrrrrrr had ;]

 Overall it was good day, got my eyebrows threaded again lol... i know i said i wouldn't anymore buuuut i was desperate lol.

Ummmm hello new followers :D . Makes me so happy i have a lot . . 

I got a few post ideas!! So stay tuned....

Oh & i see everyone posted the Rihanna picture. . . idunno some of yall are fucked up.... sayin she deserved it cause she provoked him... wtf... do u know the true story?? no... idc if she provoked him 1st or w.e... she did not deserve to be hurt THAT BAD . . plus he bit her.... come on now... i hope his career is over. that is all

Feb 18, 2009


Hey guys!I finally picked up some goodies from MAC & heres the video :D
 again it got cut off lmao so i only show a few things but  yeahhh the damage is done =\ its cool though its a bday present to myself! Next week Blackberry 8900 ;]

anyway my MUA at the Mac counter was sooo nice lmao its her fault i over did it . . she did my makeup and omg loooooved it. 

all the stuff i got at MAC
Mac x Hellokitty items :D

Feb 15, 2009

Because i`m bored...

&& i`ve been sayin for tha longessst .... i`ll post my bday pics & maybe some other time i`ll post the videos lol

here are my dinner pics!

"No need to be greedy I got mad friends that's pretty" ;]
- it was singing "birthday" to me lmao
yesss that food was DELCIOUS

lmaoooooo again

we weren't ready lol

you just had to be there lmao

-me & my bestfriend 

how cuuuuuuuuuuuuuute, yesss that rice was amaziing
my bday cake!! it was soo good

- on our way back home... i was sooo sleepy& full ;[

but yeah there they are! i hope everyone had a good V-day yesterday *rolls eyes* 



i found this on youtube.....  did anyone watch twilight? or read any of the books? well i watched twilight & when i saw this i laughed soooo hard.... haha YOU MUST WATCH HAHA

Feb 11, 2009


i dont even feel like blogging anymore... people really lack creativity... same shit everywhere =|

some people copy off other peoples blogs and try to make it their own.... idk
i`m being bitchy right now but idc . no wonder my friend Bell stopped blogging lol... like really the same shit pops EVERYWHERE .... & this shit is becoming like myspace... everyone has one =|

but w.e i know if i say i`ll stop i`ll come back cause i miss it. this is my baby right here. had it for almost a year... but yeah i`m not talking to anyone specific  but just the shit ive seen.... yanno =\

i try to post shit thats good & not a lot of ppl have it out there but its hard... so yeah.. or maybe i post it and a week later its on everyones blogs =|


anyway i know i have to post my bday pics but i`m lazy =|

i`ll do it tomorrow.... maybe.. ok yall can go back now to ur regularly scheduled programming...


Feb 10, 2009


This video is like a Alice in Wonderland theme . .  i like it, but those men in the hellokitty heads freak me out... so dominatrix !& i`m glad they used the regular promo models.... still too skinny though =x  . Don`t forget to order your stuff online or visit a MAC counter... i know i will either Thursday or Friday ;] 

Feb 9, 2009


i wanna thank EVERYONE who showed me some bday love,like i had a lot lol. && pics will be posted later on today along with 2 videos lol. && if u have me on myspace then you probably already saw them ;]

wellp i`m off to get ready for work

&& i will not be posting about this CB & RiRi fuckery or the Grammys... i said what i had to say on my Twitter page & if u were up in that mix u already know it was crazy twitter party lol

mmk bye !

Feb 6, 2009

Happy 20th Birthday to Me ;]

yaaaaaaay !
- ugh i have to go to work.... 9-5 =\ . i`m sooo sleeepy . someone better get me cake ! mmmk i`ll update later this week & thanks to the people who wished me an early bday!!

Feb 4, 2009

quick hello;

Hey everyone I just wanted to say a quick hello & I hope everyone is doing good, welcome to the new followers of  my blog...  I really appreciate it ;] 

Friday is my birthday && i`m happy . The Big 20!! lol . Excited to go out to eat with my friends ;]
I got my nails done today, i barely get them done =| *shrugs*but i figured i get them done for the occasion....

also I plan on attending the HelloKitty Party they'll be having at the MAC counter, i am exciiited about that .

- well i`m off to clean my room and catch up on some hw.=\ . here is  a pic of my nails...

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