Oct 26, 2009


There I was walking down the aisle of CVS minding my business when I saw a shelf full of Snuggies. I immediately squealed and grabbed one for $14.99. The cheetah one at that! I mean come on, who doesn't want a blanket with arms?! Now I can be nice and toasty while I blog, watch tv, eat popcorn on the couch, read a book or "raise the roof". HA! Yes & you can totally disown me but at least I'll be nice and warm.

"...but Kay you bought a robe that's backwards"
"..it looks like a Harry Potter robe"
"..you bought a blanket with arms?!"
"...I`m going to burn it"

Are the things I've been getting a lot lately... but you know what SO WHAT lmao. I love it, even though it is HUGE on me. Yes the commercials are so corny but lets get past that and give it a try... you know you want one ;)
Oh and if I had a doggy I'd so get one for it....yep

Now who wants to have a snuggie party?!


Thanks to WhatTheForks && Nightmare Haunted House NYC , I was able to go & check that place out with Jess & some friends. The reason why we went was because this year the theme was 'Vampires' , so you know we had to go!! Ok so basically I was holding on to dear life on to my friend Xavier and this other girl. I was scared shitless!! I def recommend this place if you are around that area! The rooms that you go in are very unexpected, sheep, strippers, jesus, edward cullen, fog room, lmao YEA. So go check it out!!

Here are some of the pics but to see more go to Wtforks?!

VIP Access ;)

Told you there was a stripper....

Me && Jess

Louise, Xavier, & moi

Oct 15, 2009


A great event hosted by WTFORKS & Boogie Events will take place in San Francisco this Saturday at 7pm-10pm. Please go to this event! This is for the people that were affected in the Philippines by the floods.

For more info go here

Oct 13, 2009

Red Lizard By Nars

When I was in Sephora Sunday, I tried Red Lizard by Nars. It was recommended to me by Kaezel, and I LOVED IT! I must buy it, its a semi matte true red. So if you're looking for that perfect red lip color. TRY this next time you are in a Sephora!

What a Hellz wknd;

On my previous post I said I would go to the Hellz x Claw Money Sample sale, which I did. I got there @ 12 and they were still not done setting up. I was the 3rd person *yay*.
Twenty minutes later we were let in, the store was pretty small. Most of the stuff was gone. According to Jino, Saturday was PACKED. Luckily I found a FEW items...

This Hellz Fashion Top Tee, which I LOVE *Thanks Jino*

-love the H & B stitching on each arm of this.
Price- $30

- & la la la love the hood of it ♥

- This is nice & warm & i love the fur on the hood
Price- $50!!!

- the zippers on it is pretty cool!

- Claw Money x BOOST Collab
Price- $5!!!!!!

At the Sale I finally met Tati* (@mrslovexlabels) her puppy Bella is too precious! Also I met up with my friend Tina (@TinaBmarie) & walked around Soho. I think we had the most fun @ Sephora. I finally bought Make Up For Ever's foundation "Mat Velvet" which I LOVE. I took a picture after I applied it yesterday before work, what do you think? Pretty coverage right?

Tina & I went to Bloc Head for some lunch/dinner. Had the Jamaican Jerk Burrito which I recommend, & Tina had some burrito with tofu in it... yuck lmao

-My h&m boots & her Nike Blazers. Waiting for my train @ Grand Central...

Good wknd I might say =)
-Did anyone go to the sale?
-What did you get?

Oct 10, 2009


Yes I will be here tomorrow :)
So if you see a short spanish chick with almost all black on,red lips, & combat boots...thats me lmao. && say hiiiiiiii

- I remember I went last year, and it was crazyyy. I was in line for 15 minutes just to get in. I spent $160 last time, I don't want to over do it this year lol.
We shall see....

Oct 9, 2009

For a good cause...

Visit the WTFORKS store to buy some goodies if your a Twilight fanatic like me :) , also a portion of the sale will go to those in need that were affected in the Philippines.

Oct 8, 2009

Adidas JS Wings

Jeremy Scott is a genius, only he would come up with something like this. I`m also in LOVE with the new JS wings sneakers. I might just get them...
They're suppose to release Spring/Summer 2010

Prince, How I love you

Prince was recently spotted at the Chanel Show in Paris.....

Anyone that knows me knows I LOVE THIS MAN. I want to marry him...

Does anyone know where he lives?! :D

Oct 6, 2009


It seems like the list of places I contribute to is getting longer & longer...
Please check out missfamousstore.com for sales, clothes, jewelry(Cubannie Links, Good Wood) & everything else in between!

We have 50% off right now on CLEARANCE items, use code KM0809 for an additional 10% OFF!

If you're a vampire lover like me, be sure to check out this GOOD WOOD 'Fang Necklace'

Feeling silly? Check out this Black Mustache Pendant Necklace!

Are you from the WEST COAST?
How bout EAST??
Rep your side by buying one of these Yours Truly Brand Tees ;)

ALSO check out the Miss Famous Blog (I write there too, hehe)

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