Aug 6, 2008

i`m back

I finally got my laptop!! YAY! I also changed up my page, i hope everyone likes it. So let's see what have i been up to??

Last week i went to the Hellz Bellz Sample Sale in NYC. I was so exciited. I got there around 12pm & there was a line, it wasn't that bad, i waited for 15 minutes. People kept coming out with bags of stuff!! I thought all the good stuff was taken but there was plenty of boxes full of shirts,sweaters,jackets,and jeans. My mom was with me so she helped me out a lot, there was a lot of shirts i liked but i knew i couldn't over do it... I was in that store for an hour or so.. just looking and searching for different items. I came out with 5 shirts, and two sweaters, it all added up to $160.00. I think that was a good deal since that alone is how much a jacket or jeans cost. So when it was my turn to pay, I couldn't find my debit card...i started panicking. My mother ended up paying for everything && she thought i did it on purpose which was def not true! SO now i have to pay her back this friday when i get paid. I was reading Nitrolicious's blog and TrashBag , it looks like they put different stuff out on the last days...kind of mad about that but oh well. If anyone wants to see what i got ill post it just let me know ...

Sunday night i finally got to see The Dark Knight!! I know i`m late, but i couldn't go any sooner. All i have to say is WOW....Heath Ledger did a great job!I want to see it again. Oh yeah i got in for free... YAY lol. I want to go see Mamma Mia next week or so..

Today i`m suppose to get my nails done but idk if i am.. we will see.

i`ll post some pics on my next post...


arychtexas said...


I seen the dark knight in imax and it surpassed my expectations! I love finding deals and buying all that for a buck 60 is pretty darn good. I ENVY THE FACT that you live in NYC i live in VA BEACH the selection of stores here is POOH CHEESE!

Taryn "Skinny Genes" B. said...

Yeah I woulda panicked myself.. I always make sure my debit card is in my jeans pocket. Aint Sh*t on neither one of my debit cards now though lol

Sounds like you had a good ol shoppin time!

Anonymous said...

yay! new laptop or fixed laptop? yay either way! haha.

and yay for some good shopping. and i do the same thing too when it comes to sales or purchasing stuff. if you got 7 items for the price of one then that is an aewsome deal! =)

DelMo said...

shopping is always fun..
especially when u dont pay..
my mom would have said to pay her back..
and and later would have been like..
dont worry..
but kudos on the sale.
hellz bellz is the beez neez.

J.E.W.E.L.S said...

im diggin the new look miss k.=) yeah..i spent 100 bucks @ hellz bellz, i was only in there for about 15 mins..i could imagine how much i would have spent if i was there

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