Aug 8, 2008

Compulsive Buying...

I've noticed something about myself... i think i was in denial before but now i admit it. I'm a compulsive buyer. I'm sure everyone is, but i always WANT something. I don't need it.. but i got to HAVE IT. I have expensive taste too, materialistic, I want the finer things in life. The other night my boyfriend practically yelled at me and brought it to my attention that I need to STOP buying so many unnecessary things i don't need, and to start saving my money. I try to stop buying things but I can't help it.I recently stopped buying so much damn MAC Cosmetics, and if you don't know they are pretty damn expensive. Just a couple of months ago I would go to a MAC counter and spend $70 and up on makeup like every week. I didn't have a remorse about it, I was actually happy with my $32 dollar eyeshadow quad or $30 foundation. But makeup is my thing...thats what I plan to go to school for, Beauty Merchandising & Marketing. 

Sneakers... thats another thing. I always want a new pair of shoes. I'm the type of chick that doesn't discriminate against sneakers. I could wears Jordans,Chucks,Pumas,DCs,Nikes,Vans,anything! As long as the design is cute or something like that. But yeah I need to calm down on the sneaker thing.... :( I can't wear high foot is too wide and fat as I like to call it so it huuuuuurts! I have a few pair of high heels... don't really wear them. Some GUESS ones and BCB ones, and Payless :D
I really want a Louis Speedy though... but do I really need it? No I dont but I WANT IT.
:sighs: When am I going to learn?? It's hard putting down an item you want, and the fact that my job doesn't pay me enough for what I want means that half the time I'm broke! Yeah I admit it, last year I wasn't like this. I would always have a lot of money in my account like a grand or something like that and it would just sit there. I guess I have to have self control.... OR I just need a better job :D


Taryn "Skinny Genes" B. said...

lol I'm a cheap skate. I don't care about big labels or having designer clothes. As long as I have designer sneakers I'm cool.
I'm the type that only wants to pay 20bucks for jeans and 10-15bucks for a tee shirt

I like to save and just like ur guy yelled at you for being a compulsive buyer. I would yell at my guy for being a compulsive buyer lol. He would buy unecessary shit like expensive ass comic books or action figure collectables. But that playstation 3 he bought was the straw that broke the camels back, and I and everyone else told his ass not to buy it, but he was being to smart for his own good and bought it with a credit card and now he is swimming in debt.

Anonymous said...

oh man. i'm in the same boat as you. i like cheap and expensive. but, lately i've been indulging in my more expensive tastes and when you go expensive it is harder to go back. =/ i just bought a marc by marc jacobs bag one bay for like... an insane amount of money. like an entire month's pay. haha. granted i am only a babysitter. but, also granted i have no bills to pay so my entire income is disposable. =/ and i'm buying me a pair of marnis online as well. =/ ohgeez. i need to stop.

and i was going to say what size are you because i have a pair of neon colored nikes that are brand new, never worn -- and i'm thinking of selling them. sooo, if you're an 8 then hit me up! haha.

Princess.Maria said...

I miss NY can't wait to go back n shop lol



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