Oct 31, 2008

Put a ring on it!

So the other day I was kind of dancing to Beyonce's new song Single Ladies while I was making toast in the kitchen.. then I stopped and realized what the hell I was doing..  And today I found this on youtube, of course he does a much better job at doing the dance than me...

I've been TAGGED

So I've been tagged by Vietxpinay.... & since I don't have anything else to do...

the rules:
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10 Years Ago:
  1. I wasn't worried about anything, all I did was play games with friends until the porch light came on...
  2. I was a little dork but yet still cool ;)
  3. I played the violin which I MISS
  4. I had a group of girls following me in school, I was their leader lmao
  5. My relationship that I had with my parents was amazing....

Things on Today's "To Do" List:
  1. Read my damn history book to get started on my essay, the shit is due next friday!!!
  2. Clean my damn room, its so damn messy. It can only stay clean for a couple of hours =\
  3. Maybe pick up my check at work...
  4. Make some caramel apples, maybe
  5. Wash dishes, I made a Banana smoothie earlier , it was yummy

5 Things I would do if I was a millionaire:
  1. HMM millionaire.... that's not a lot now a days if you think about it.. but I would move out of this town 
  2. Buy a house somewhere nice
  3. Pay for the rest of my college education
  4. Invest the money somehow & make more
  5. & of course make sure my parents don`t have to work anymore.

5 Places I have lived:
  1. New York
  2. New York
  3. New York
  4. New York
  5. New York..

5 Jobs I have had:
  1. KFC...first job everrr, omg i hate that place but i still love chiiicken!
  2. Footlocker

Now I'm tagging:
  1. Jewelz *BubbleGumPonys
  2. Lux * All things Luxury
  3. BetsyJ *Betsey J
  4. Taryn *Box of Graffiti Chocolate 

Happy Halloween Bitches!

Happy Halloween ;]
My plans for tonight will consist of :
Caramel Apples
Reading a book for my History Essay
Nickelodeon Cartoons
& more apples.
This year I`m not doing anything, wack I know. Oh well, I feel sick anyway & now that I think about it... I dont think Caramel Apples is going to help my stomach ache.

Married To The MOB . . .

90% of me  likes them, the other 10% I`m like HMMMMM.... 
Leah has teamed up with Nike to bring you this Nike Dunk, it drops Nov.8th. They are also Chanel Inspired ;)
To get your pair go to:
21 Mercer


UNDFTD Santa Monica




UNDFTD Las Vegas


What do you guys think?? I think I would of rather have the MOB Reeboks...
 For more info go to Mobliving.com

Let's talk Chanel . . .

  Chanel Contemporary Art Container in Rumsey Field in Central Park. The show will end Nov. 9 ! So if you are in NYC make sure to check it out, its once in a life time kind of thing. The show is only making stops in Hong Kong, Tokyo, New York, London, Moscow & finally Paris. The show is inspired by the famous Chanel Quilted Bag, I hope to go but i heard you have to get tickets. Oh & it's Free. 
To get more info go to : http://www.chanel-mobileart.com/

Oct 20, 2008

I was gone for a minute. . . .

So yeah i definetly went M.I.A.

Didn't mean to... school has been kind of hectiic & i have been working ;)
SO this last Saturday I went to Six-Flag's Fright Fest with my boyfriend & bestfriend.
Umm yeah it was great spending time with my boyfriend because I barely get to see him BUT...
I lost my Iphone =(.... it was horrible. It fell out of my wristlet, I don`t even know how it opened but it did...blah... now i`m phoneless =(

Other than that everything has been pretty cool..... anyway this is just a short update about my life.... just letting you all know i`m still alive :)

Oct 1, 2008

Let's Talk Makeup!

My mom got me some free MAC brushes, how awesome is that? They're from last years Christmas collection pack i believe. & some strobe cream ^_^. I def needed some new eyeshadow brushes. Oh and i also got some free lotion, smells SO GOOD!!!!

Today I went to the mall, of course I went to the MAC counter to check out the Cream Sheen collection. I tried the Brave Red Lipstick, I've been trying to find a nice shade of red that compliments my skin tone but nothing =( .
Also I can't wait to try Make Up Forever's HD Foundation, heard amazing reviews from other beauty bloggers....
I don`t know why every time I blog I get sleepy, i`m lazy. night!

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