May 29, 2009


First up; retro 11`s. Size 6 boys .Never been worn i swear, your's for $125 plus shipping which is like $7 . I`m keeping the 12`s for myself :D . Let me know in the cmmnt box if you want them or email me @ , i accept Paypal only.

Next up Hellz Bellz sweatshirt, never been worn too. Size large, idk wth i was thinking when i ordered it. It`s wayyy too big on me. Oh && this is what it looks like... except that instead of pink its red & the grey is a little darker. Asking price $40 .Again paypal only && you can tell me here that you want it or email me. 

Thankssss ♥ 

May 27, 2009

i guess u can say i`m obsessed

R.pats && hellokitty... doesn`t get any better than this. i`m a sucker for bad boys ♥

EDIT// better look @ it ;)


I must say that I am a Twilight fanatic . . how did it start?? Wellp me not doing shit & wanting to see what the whole "hype" was about made me read them. It hasn't been a week yet & i`m already on the final book "Breaking Dawn". I don`t want to read it so fast like the others, i want to take my time... i don`t want it to end ;[ 

Team Edward right here!! I`m in love with a fictional vampire ;[ , glad i`m not the only one who feels the same way.... && why cant all guys be like Edward? or Jacob?? *sighs*

Anyway i am BEYOND excited for the next movie *New moon. I hope the movie is wayyyyy better than Twilight... they left TOOO much detail out the movie if you ask me... so i`m hoping for the best. There will be a preview of New Moon this sunday @ the MTV movie awards. Fckin exciiiited. 

Whew okay, anyway I will be reading other blogs now... yeap Twilight blogs... I think Robert Pattison is cute :D

Check out What theForks?! blog... fckin love it... the creator of Hellz-Bellz *lanie , runs it a long with Betsey J, & other cool bloggers. The posts definitely make me giggle.... && they went to Vacouver where the movie was being filmed, how awesome?!lol

I definitely recommend the books....

May 22, 2009

Son, you`re madd ass.. lmao smh. idk why i even thought of even hittin you up... what i saw yesterday was def a closure. && poof you`re gone.

&& now my life is sweeter than berries ♥

May 20, 2009

Melody Eh$ani;

i like them :)

Should I?

Okay soooo i have the 11/12 package && i`m like growing out of my sneaker love....give me some heels & cute sandals and i am :) . Don`t get me wrong... I still like sneakers but i don`t wear them as much as i used to when i was younger... SO i`m debating on selling these shoes.... any takers? 

Size 6 in boys never worn....


40oz Bounce

You can find me here Sunday ;]

-are you going?

Lykke Li- Tonight

& don`t you let me go tonight.... dry my eyes......

*i love this video & song... she shows SO much emotion & makes you feel her pain....

May 19, 2009

I wish you the best, I guess

May 14, 2009

Best drinks ever

my favs are :mango, arnold palmer, green tea, & iced tea.

May 12, 2009

Save your $$

Lately i've been investing a lot of $$ into hair products due to my hair shedding like fucking crazy that it scares me sometimes. Its like i`m leaving hair all over the damn place....

I usually flat iron my hair almost everyday, but i`ve been giving it a break. But idk what else to do with my hair, it doesn`t even get wavy/curly anymore it`s just pin straight and frizzy ;[ 
Which fucking sucks monkey balls. . . idk what else to do? 

I`m a sucker for good ads! I saw the commercial for the new John Freida Root Awakening && i went to my CVS & bought the shampoo & spray.... it's been a month i believe & my hair is still falling out, still the same honestly.... SO sunday i bought Pantene Pro V Natural Fusion. My friend tried it and her hair looks more shiny & healthy... so i`m gonna give that a go :D

Does anyone know what I could possibly do to my hair so it stops falling out like crazy? Or just a good hair care regimen? HELP

May 11, 2009


Today is my blogs birthday :D 

Last year I started this blog & I honestly did not think I'd get people to "follow" my blog, or get any comments at all. I just wanted to express myself  & shit. I really appreciate each & everyone of you that take the time to read what I have to say & comment .

Also I met great people on here, && hopefully this summer I'll be meeting up with some of you ;]

Thanks everyone for the support & the love. . . 

&& those NARS cupcakes look deliiiish!

May 3, 2009


somethin` like that... smh

VIA ;Post Secret

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