Apr 26, 2009

funniest shit ever

i`m sure u guys probably already saw this, if not WATCH lmaoooo

Apr 25, 2009


Dear Hellz-Bellz,

I love you! You guys never let me down, yall COULD lower the prices man. Fckin recession . Yall lucky i have two jobs dammit. I want thisssss jacket 

along with that Coco-Hellz shirt in red. 

♥ always Kay

P.S. - what is up with the purses you guys put out? They're okay, but for that price....keep them... ;]


So I got a new banner. I made it myself ;bored as hell. I bet someone is going to steal it lmaoo how much you want to BET. dumb broads.

anyway wow sooo its nice to know that people actually care how you are doing ( my whole break-up) and it's kind of overwhelming to me. `Cause really people now a days are so egoistic, the fact that you coming out of your way to ask me how i`m doin is like shit i`m fine thanks for asking lol. Like i honestly feel perfectly fine! dude i`m only 20, i am SO YOUNG. My future husband is still out there learning his lessons like am. No i am in no hurry to get married but i`m jus sayin. We too young dammit. 

Summa summa is coming <3333

The other day i was feeling very blue.... but my homie Jae told me to read a book called 
"It's called a break-up because it's broken" and it really opened up my eyes... No i did not go out and buy it, i got it from google books. And just reading certain parts of it really made be like
"wow" . I will post the link so you guys can get it. click here*

Ladies, please do not sit around the house and mope, it aint healthy. Don`t stress a dude who aint stressin you and aint even hittin you up askin YOU how YOU are doing or something.bastids.

You can`t chase a dude who does not want to be chased. If he wants you he will be back, and the time you give him is up to you... * do not give him MADDD time * it`s like either you want me or you don`t . fawk u gotta wait for an answer girl? Move on and find a dude who will treat you like a Queen that you are and shit. Like i said before; actions speak louder than words.

Damn i`m feelin veryyy good . *smile*

OH I have a TUMBLR lmaooo . omg i had to... here it is...

 i just started it so yeah check me out there*

I will start posting more i promise!

Kay lovessss you sexy people


Apr 21, 2009

*feels good

Hey ladies! I am so glad that my last post helped a lot of you! Yes I might of seemed that I was strong and all that.... but truth is I`m not.  Yes there are days where I`m like "fuck him" and other days where I miss his ass. And we can't force ourselves not to miss them.... 

Last night me & him talked, I wanted to get shit out of my chest and I felt like there were things that needed to be said. He apologized to me and only he knows if his apology was sincere. No we are not back together. We both agreed whatever happens happens. . . . *shrugs* So I`m just gonna live my life and be happy and if one day we decide to get back together then it will only be because we both are fully ready... I need to work on myself and so does he.

So if u guys are maybe in the same boat as I am, just be positive! If you need to cry let it out and don't hold it in. Letting it out helps. Talk to friends about it, they will definitely help you feel better and give you their opinion wether you like it or not lol

I wish I could write a more inspirational post for you guys but right now I`m sleepy, and just thinking about life and other shit. . . 

Just wanted to update you guys on how I've been and I hope each and every one of you can work things out... what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger...

Good luck to you all... && if you need more advice check out my girl Ramona's blog


Apr 14, 2009

No heartbreak here....

" sometimes the person you want the most you are better off without "

Break ups can be tough, but other times you just smile and laugh at the situation and say
" really I was with YOUR ass?!"

Life is definitely full of surprises. You think you know someone but you really don't. Or maybe deep inside of you, you know how the person is but you don't want to admit it.  "/

So yeah me and that guy broke up again. I think we are better off this way. Everyday I kept telling him how much I loved him and how *lucky I felt (ha ok) to have him in my life. He said the feeling was mutual but his actions said differently.... When you fall in love with someone you see past all their flaws; you want to believe shit will get better and the person will change their ways....

You can't make anyone change unless they realize they're wrong and they want to better themselves. I'm not saying I'm perfect but at least I knew what I wanted and I was serious about changing my ways to be happy with
He asked why I was so insecure, hmm the past says it all. And no you shouldn't hold grudges on people but when they keep doing it? C'mon on now.....

Many females out there make their guy their everything and that's not a good look. You must put yourself FIRST before anything. Don't make him your "world" if he isn't in the same page as you...and even if he says u are. Actions speak louder than words......remember that

- ladies,also  remember, we fall in love more than once. I look @ this way ....... You fall in love to gain experience for the next one. The guy your in love with right now may be teaching you things that no one else did. But that doesn't mean he's the "one". It may feel like it (trust me) but he may be making your a better person for the next one.... Its like you learn from your mistakes....

Also he might not be the "one" for you right now. If its meant to be he will come back and realize he fcked up. "You never know what u got 'till its gone". Now this is where a lot of us females fall in. We hope he will come back a changed man and say I'm sorry. Guess what? There's a 3% chance that will happen.... Maybe even less.
So don't wait around and stress yourself. Be productive, keep your mind off it and try to be the way you were before you met him. I know its hard,especially if u were with this *fool for a while.

- don't let anyone make a fool out of you, you think he's talking to someone else or doing shit behind your back? Chances are HE IS. Its womans intuition that know these things.... TRUST me. 

At the same time don't keep bringing shit up because that might push him to talk to another bitch but still that's no excuse for him... if he loves you like he says he does he'll put up with you.
If a man wants you, nothing can keep him away. If he doesn't want you, nothing can make him stay 

Now my FAV subject... the "next bitch" aka "side bitch" aka the one who wants to be his friend and make him feel good when you guys get into an argument. Telling him he's "too good" for you and all that bitch talk shit. Fuckouttahea, you trying to be wifey but uh ur not going to be. Shit might be all "sweet & dandy". Guess what? If he did it to me he can defff do it to you. Get a fckin clue dumb whore.  I swear some of these lame bitches need to be put in their place. If ur man doesn't want to let her go, he's picking you over her! If a man loves you he will be willing to let that snake go, cause come on now @ the end of the day YOU were there for him not HER. Coming out left field n shit smhhh.  He'll learn. But chances are it will be too late....

Right now I left someone who thought shit was "okay" , I was always reaching out to him and being nothing but Wifey to him but he fucked up. Now I'm not going to get way into it but those that are close to me know the fckin deal (dead lmao) 

Like Jae said " you are hot and you`ll find someone" pshh fck yea. I deserve someone who really appreciates me and sees things the way they're suppose to be and not make dumb ass excuses. Deep inside me I knew I needed someone better for me but I did not want to believe it.... I hope he finds God or something of the sort..... 

I feel a lot better that I let everything out, but trust me I won't shed a tear. . . .  not even worth it.
I will definitely take this advice and others and be a better person and hope for the best.

Don't ever settle for less ladies... there are PLENTY of other guys out there, you just have to find the right one... and its not the end of the world. Take it one day at a time and you'll be fine. I promise..

Just have to have a positive attitude. Which is what I have right now.

deleted out of my life and I will move on like you were nothing to me just like you treated me. I hope karma gets you, because I know it will, it always does baby ;]

I don`t know why I stuck around hoping shit would change, I gave you more than enough chances... If you can't see you fucked up I feel sorry for you.

Well this post is getting long and yeah I will close this chapter of my life and learn from this experience. Look back and ask "why did I put up with that..."

xoxoxo, Kay

P.S- Thank you Mister Chris Jervis for being an amazing friend and leading me in the right direction.... and everyone else who showed they cared...

Apr 7, 2009

This shit makes me laugh....

Okay so one of my readers *Rai , leaves me a comment saying that someone took my banner! At first I was pissed off,like okay are you fckin dumb?!  I`m here thinking homegirl just took the img and covered my name. WRONG,she left my blogger name on there and everything.....

The least you could of done was cover my name...... ughhh see this is why blogging is ugh sometimes cause people like this do this like that.... no worries. My girl Whitney told me... Don`t Trip.. I am a Don't Trip Lady after all ;]

fuuuuuuck it!


I don`t have time to blog as much, do not worry! 5 more weeks of school && i`m all yoursss!

I want to thank everyone who checked up on me when I was going thru my little breakup with my bf (yesss we are back in action )

Especially Mr. Chris Jervis, thanks hun! Follow me on Twitter if you haven't already! I`m alwaysss updating there! lol


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