Apr 25, 2009


Dear Hellz-Bellz,

I love you! You guys never let me down, yall COULD lower the prices man. Fckin recession . Yall lucky i have two jobs dammit. I want thisssss jacket 

along with that Coco-Hellz shirt in red. 

♥ always Kay

P.S. - what is up with the purses you guys put out? They're okay, but for that price....keep them... ;]


kmx | Araika Eanomi. said...

I think I just slobbed a little...I'm gonna have to get $$ from somewhere...hmm...there is a bank down the street; I wonder how good my safe-cracking skills are...

Devon said...

hell yeah ur right them prices gots to come down lol! but that is a nice jacket and bag!

Lea said...

I would wear that jacket every day of my life
if only I had a job...
damn economy

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