Apr 7, 2009


I don`t have time to blog as much, do not worry! 5 more weeks of school && i`m all yoursss!

I want to thank everyone who checked up on me when I was going thru my little breakup with my bf (yesss we are back in action )

Especially Mr. Chris Jervis, thanks hun! Follow me on Twitter if you haven't already! I`m alwaysss updating there! lol



Rai said...

I had some issues of my own.
Good thank you guys are okay. :]

kmx. said...

Holla holla for back in action; love makes the world go round! Fx money. Haaa. SIKE. But anyway, I'll still be awaiting your return =)

Rachie-Pie said...

glad everything is aok my dear!

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