Apr 25, 2009


So I got a new banner. I made it myself ;bored as hell. I bet someone is going to steal it lmaoo how much you want to BET. dumb broads.

anyway wow sooo its nice to know that people actually care how you are doing ( my whole break-up) and it's kind of overwhelming to me. `Cause really people now a days are so egoistic, the fact that you coming out of your way to ask me how i`m doin is like shit i`m fine thanks for asking lol. Like i honestly feel perfectly fine! dude i`m only 20, i am SO YOUNG. My future husband is still out there learning his lessons like am. No i am in no hurry to get married but i`m jus sayin. We too young dammit. 

Summa summa is coming <3333

The other day i was feeling very blue.... but my homie Jae told me to read a book called 
"It's called a break-up because it's broken" and it really opened up my eyes... No i did not go out and buy it, i got it from google books. And just reading certain parts of it really made be like
"wow" . I will post the link so you guys can get it. click here*

Ladies, please do not sit around the house and mope, it aint healthy. Don`t stress a dude who aint stressin you and aint even hittin you up askin YOU how YOU are doing or something.bastids.

You can`t chase a dude who does not want to be chased. If he wants you he will be back, and the time you give him is up to you... * do not give him MADDD time * it`s like either you want me or you don`t . fawk u gotta wait for an answer girl? Move on and find a dude who will treat you like a Queen that you are and shit. Like i said before; actions speak louder than words.

Damn i`m feelin veryyy good . *smile*

OH I have a TUMBLR lmaooo . omg i had to... here it is...

 i just started it so yeah check me out there*

I will start posting more i promise!

Kay lovessss you sexy people



Anonymous said...

Good advice!

"treat you like the Queen you are and shit" - CLASSIC :D

Jervis said...

HEY KAY!!, the tumblr is cool

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