Jul 31, 2009

Twitter me not

For the past few days , almost a week certain things on twitter…crack me up. Well I’ve noticed it before but I never really talked about it until now. Here is some shit that makes me laugh or annoys me… feel free to add on...

1- 1.Follow the leader- Everyone started at 0 followers, & yes you do need to build up the followers to have a good twitter “experience” . Just because you follow me…. Does not mean I am going to follow you back -_- sorry? Do not ask me to follow you… that’s just stupid like how you look like going around saying “can you please follow me….” I’m not going to lie someone did say that to me but he was nice & I liked his tweets so I did. Other than that…. If yah shit is wack I’m not. So stop asking or assuming..

2- 2. HEY YOU! COMMENT ON MY BLOG- okay I do not mind people posting links to their blogs in their tweet, when you keep saying “come on you need to come comment…” or “why isn’t anyone commenting” & they keep advertising the shit…. It fcking gets annoying & makes you seem thirsty for a damn comment. People do read blogs we just too lazy to comment lmao (me) & sometimes we will leave you some love IF we really need to. Don’t be the annoying thirsty tweeter….

3- 3. “omg this person tweets dumb stuff” - I’m not going to sit here and say that some of my tweets are not annoying (twilight) lmao…. But hey its MY TWITTER, I tweet whatever I want to tweet about. If you don’t fcking like it UNFOLLOW plain and simple.

For example: this btch said she didn’t like my tweets or whatever & she JUST unfollowed me because we got into a “debate/argument” . Um honey what took you SO LONG to unfollow me then? Just because you did not like my opinion about something that lead to that “argument” you just decided to unfollow me? Lmao girl, BYE.

4. I am going to follow 238478378 people – uh…. Why? I hate that shit… this is not myspace, you do not need to follow all them damn people. Then you don’t even @ reply anyone… you’re just wasting space. -_-

5. I take twitter serious- You know the type… they take every tweet to heart… ooooh they so sensitive . Sometimes the shit people tweet is a joke, take a chill pill, you’ll be okay. You think the tweet is about you but its not...chances are it is though lmfao

Anymore shit that annoys you?? haha cmmnt it && i`ll add it on to the list...

p.s.- i HATE twittascope lmao

Jul 29, 2009

White Ink Tattoos?

I want one.... I know exactly what I want too... a quote in French script. On my wrist or forearm since that's the lightest part of my body.

I've heard from a lot of people that they tend to fade, & not worth it.What do you think? Should I just go ahead & get it in blank ink?Hm.


OKAY so I want THIS BLOG TO COME BACK TO MUTHAFCKIN LIFE, like really where are all my damn readers? says 273 but yall MIA....come back lmao ok maybe its my fault that i havent been writing that much... sorry... but after some talks with Sole' (glamorousvandal) i decided that i`m gonna make purplelipstick...big...bigger...

So i`m just gonna blog about EVERYTHING.... i`m a random person, i like weird shit... well not so weird but all the shit i like.... its mixed...

I`m also thinking about making this .com... either purplelipstick with ONE i or kaylipstick... idk...

People are always asking if i wear purple lipstick... the answer to that is no. The reason to that name is because i like PURPLE its my FAV color ever. Also i`m in love with make-up.. so hence purplelipstiick.. two i's because i guess one i is already taken..whew.

but yeah just another update... i`ll blog in a bit...

Jul 17, 2009

Love Hellz Bellz && Twilight??

Do not miss out movie night on Friday July 25th at 7pm! Hellz Bellz && 5&aDime will be projecting the movie Twilight! Popcorn, candy apples & tees by Hellz Bellz?! I`m there.... well if only it wasnt in California ;[ But if you`re in that SD area , GO GO GO! Oh & bring your own lawn chair :D
Oh && vote for Jessica If you havent already!! Come on even Teyana Taylor && Shorty from the Beat Freaks KNOW the deal... only one more day

Jul 16, 2009

i`m coming back..

to my roots...i miss blogger... tumblr...is getting on my nerves.... maybe i`m following the wrong ppl or maybe ppl like to REBLOG shit that people already REBLOGGED 4938986r74 times .....eh

anyway hiiiii ppl, i`ll be looking thru my follower list && adding ppl to my daily reads.... i need new blogs to read...

i`m a nerd

but you already knew this.. So I went to midnight show of Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince! I liked the movie, I give it 4/5 stars.....as always the books are WAY BETTER.... it was long... i`ll have to rethink about midnight shows again cuz i was getting sleepy ;[

I wonder how long we`ll have to wait for the next movie? 2 years again?? ah my little heart cant...

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