Jul 29, 2009

White Ink Tattoos?

I want one.... I know exactly what I want too... a quote in French script. On my wrist or forearm since that's the lightest part of my body.

I've heard from a lot of people that they tend to fade, & not worth it.What do you think? Should I just go ahead & get it in blank ink?Hm.


Loniii Ann said...

diggin the french idea but not white maybe purple ink lol love purple to btw.
esp since it fades, waste.

NIC-KIA said...

my bestie was going to get a white inked tattoo, but the artist said tis a waste of money. It fades, or it can turn yellow. I say get a color or get classic with black. or i just got an idea..what about a couple of tones darker than your actual skin color? that way its not SOOO noticable, but it can be seen just a tad..hmm. think about it.

-kia of tasteless diamonds.

violet said...

i love your tattoo concept, but don't get white ink .. it can fade or yellow, ANDDD if you ever decide to have it lasered off, white ink is one of the hardest to remove.

mizzworthy said...

Looks great in the picture - I've never seen these type of tatts before, but if they fade or turn yellow - not good... What about a pale brown or taupey kinda colour instead?

GoldBeauty88 said...

It looks awesome!

loveSHARA said...

I actually have a white ink tattoo. It really depends on your skin. Mine is rather light versus a friends. Her's came out kinda dark and has yet to really heal or smooth down.
So like any other tattoo, it depends on your skin and artist.

miss_bo$sy said...

i think the white ink tattoos are a cool concept for secretive tattoos..like if you want something inspirational only for you to see but there are still alot of quirks they havent really fixed like some ppl can reject the ink and it will ooze out so u will have sat thru getting a tattoo for nothing..if you want it to be subtle you can always get a color close to your skin color but if you want it seen your better off getting it in color.

Anonymous said...

you look a little dark t get white ink tattooed on..

I'm like an NW20 (all friggen year round), and I have some white ink shading done (cherry blossoms half way around my wrist) and IMO if i didn't have an outline, it wouldn't be worth it.. it did fade on some petals (it's been a year since i had it done)

It still looks really nice.. it's by far the best tatttoo I had done and I'm going back for another one from the same artist sometime before school starts.. i'm just indecisive about what

maybe you should get it done light pink... i have light pink on mine and it looks good.. almost like angel lipstick from mac

Hildi**** said...

love this..cassie has one..

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