Feb 24, 2010

Spring Cleaning...

Head on over to Miss Famous Store, we are having 55% off all clearance items untill 2/28! Use code ALMOSTSPRING at checkout =) , also you could use my rep code for 10% off all other items, which is KM0809
We have great stuff from, Kweenz Destroy, Cubannie Links, Good Wood, Toki Doki and more!!

Ohhh I miss this night...

If you missed that post click here*

Feb 14, 2010

Special Macaroon Sunday ♥

I've been dreaming of eating macaroons for the longest, I had them last week but I don't think they were the real thing....
Making them? Out of the question, knowing me I'd mess up the recipe and cry lol. Thanks to my friend, who by the way is freaking awesome, stopped by my house earlier to drop me off two small macaroons.

Oh my, they were the most sweetest and richest little things ever. I wish he would of gave me more but I can't complain, two will hold me down until he makes them again. Yes they were homemade, you see Rob is great at cooking/baking.

If you don't know what macaroons are they are a French pastry, a small cookie with a crispy sort of shell covering and meringue filling.
D E L I C I O U S ♥ .

Thank you Rob.

Sade - Soldier Of Love

I recently bought her cd this Friday, I've been listening to it non stop.
In the morning while getting ready to go to work and in the night while I drift off to sleep. It is amazing..... my favorite song hands down has to be:
' the moon and the sky'

Westcoast l o v e

Its no secret that my other half lives in the other side of the country, Rissa Cupcake, we stay on our daily texting, late night skype calls and random phone calls during lunch breaks sort of thing.

I swear if she lived here in New York we'd be inseparable!! To a text saying " I got you a shirt" and a happy respond " No way dude!" is what makes us so homo lmao.


Edward Cullen T-shirt!

My V-day present from her, covering my eyes and her saying SURPRISE made my night/morning. . . .

Thank-you Chola, you stay making my soul sweet ♥

Happy Valentines Day ♥

Feb 11, 2010

Nom Nom; get in my belly

Gansitos are probably one of my favorite childhood guilty pleasures. Its a chocolate covered cake with cream and strawberry jelly filling. I love to eat them frozen as well, they usually sell them in Mexican grocery stores and I believe Wal-Mart haha! But be careful, you don't want to eat too many!
Sidenote: I think if you add them to your ice-cream it will be even yummier? Haha I`m so fat.

Alexander McQueen. . . .

I think the first thing I woke up to was to a message that Alexander McQueen passed away today.... sad day for the fashion world.

Feb 10, 2010

Daily Laughs;

"I hate people, but I'm nice to everyone. I treat everyone like a jury member. You never know what the jury pool is gonna be." -Heidi Fleiss

Dana Larock has my heart

Port Loverfly EP Promo from DANA. on Vimeo.

I cannot wait....

Beauty Buys ♥

I bought this the other day at Wal-Mart for $8.
It's suppose to clear dark spots and such from your face, which is what I have due to post acne marks.
No one is perfect
But yeah I will be using this religiously two times a day and will report back in a month.
I don't want to wear make-up in the summer, trust me it's not fun.
One hot ass summer day 2 years ago, I thought my face was going to melt away, wtf was I thinking wearing make-up on such a hot day?? Idunno.
Review soon

Very UnBirthday To Me....

Last Saturday was my 21st Birthday, I expected it to be nothing but glamorous and fun. Well negative, I was sick and it was supposed to snow....

My plans for everything went BLEH!!

I stayed home and ate dinner with my family which was nice.

I even went birthday shopping with Jasmin & Sarah to look for outfits..... I had loads of fun hanging out with them. For the full post go here*

Me in Patricia Fields w Jasmin....

In Betsey Johnson trying on dresses

Sarah & Jasmin, such great dolls!

My birthday plans have been postponed till this weekend, wahhh.

Ohhh but DO enjoy the pics of my 21st Birthday Cake.

Simply delicious....

Thank-You everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday, little stuff like that counts to me....

Feb 9, 2010

biggest hypocrite ever..

I swear I am....

Okay so I did a formspring and i talked sooo much shit about it... like i really did..

I was like "wtf ppl are gonna ask questions they could easily just ask themselves and not "hidden" " but i guess i`ll try to ignore those huh??

I did it to see what would people ask me..... curiosity killed the cat?! idunno whatever....

lets see how long it lasts....

Feb 4, 2010

Kay loves Fafi

Check out these dope imgs from her blog...

Feb 3, 2010

Blehs and 21-7 recap

I should be excited for my 21st this saturday but BLEH!
As far as my birthday goes, it seems like every year the amount of people I have as friend gets smaller and smaller to celebrate with me. I mean I have no problem with that but sometimes it gets to me. Like where did everyone go?? Did I do something? Or was it just that time to go our different ways? I have very few friends from highschool that I actually keep in touch with still. I'm actually debating on deleting the OTHER half of high school people that I don't even talk to anymore....

Whatever the case is I guess I can look at it this way, I have less drama in my life. (load of less drama as what I used to get before) .

I'm just focusing on myself right now and thinking of other ways to take over the world hehe.

UMM I can't wait for this Saturday!! I just want cake, get buzzed and I''ll be a happy camper ^_^
That is all.

Anyway, shit is taking longer than usual for my .com , it's ok i`m in no hurry. Last week was crazy for me, met a lot of wonderful people and had such a blast at the 21-7 magazine event . I got to meet the beautiful Jasmin from Vintage Vandalizm , such a sweet & down to earth girl. Also got to meet other people that I've been tweeting/bbming for monthssss and I got to see their faces and interact with them. Loads of fun!! If you missed out on this event, don`t worry there will def be more ;).

Here are some pics from the event!

Those cupcakes were yummy*

@VintageVandalizm x I

Lonii x @juskish (21-7 representers)

@bonniexblunts @mrslovexlabels x @jaexla

Lovesss @kingtexas

Amazing photographer @thepharside

hehe me @backyardbetty again

Me & @_gq_

The beautiful @energyelle (co founder of 21-7)

Me x @gingersling x @backyardbetty.

For more crazy pictures visit my flickr*
Check out the 21-7 magazine blogspot too.
Remember the name because 2010 is ours ;)

Feb 1, 2010

Vans x Hellz re-cap

I want to thank Lanie for inviting me to this fabulous party, I can't stress enough how much I admire her hard work and her ambition to Hellz-Bellz and making it more than just a streetwear brand.

The party was soooo much FUN! Everyone came out to support the Vans x Hellz collab! I was definitely star struck on some of the people that were there haha.

I took a friend of mine as my plus one, apparently the place was over capacity and I had to wait to get in. UMM not fun! But that was okay cause while waiting next to me was Kerin Rose, I died lol.She is soooo down to earth and friendly!

Seeing the actual Hellz shoes in person will make you fall in love with them even more! Which by the way they were inside vintage bird cages all around the room. Open bar was def calling my name!

I got to meet the amazing intern of Hellz Brittany. She's so cool hehe

Glass Candy performed, Richie Rich from Heatherette was there, yeah the party was simply fun and amazing. I really got my network on I guess you can say ;)

Here are some pics and a video of Glass Candy performing. LOVESSS.

My friend & I on our way =)

How Fab is this?

Me x intern Brittany

Miss Lawn x I
I loved her outfit!

Met Radio Rose, lovess her too.

Leslie x I, she was so nice.

We met Richie Rich lol

Kerin Rose ♥

Yoshi x Kerin

I believe this is Twin Ricky from Dee & Ricky

I finally got to meet one of my favorite bloggers. Sierra Luelle!

Sierra x Friends

yes i know i`m short.


GAH i love her lol

Peep Lanie's ring!

Jade' & I tired and waiting for our train lol.

Grand Central is creepy with no one there -_- lol

&& now I leave you with this Glass Candy performance

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