Feb 3, 2010

Blehs and 21-7 recap

I should be excited for my 21st this saturday but BLEH!
As far as my birthday goes, it seems like every year the amount of people I have as friend gets smaller and smaller to celebrate with me. I mean I have no problem with that but sometimes it gets to me. Like where did everyone go?? Did I do something? Or was it just that time to go our different ways? I have very few friends from highschool that I actually keep in touch with still. I'm actually debating on deleting the OTHER half of high school people that I don't even talk to anymore....

Whatever the case is I guess I can look at it this way, I have less drama in my life. (load of less drama as what I used to get before) .

I'm just focusing on myself right now and thinking of other ways to take over the world hehe.

UMM I can't wait for this Saturday!! I just want cake, get buzzed and I''ll be a happy camper ^_^
That is all.

Anyway, shit is taking longer than usual for my .com , it's ok i`m in no hurry. Last week was crazy for me, met a lot of wonderful people and had such a blast at the 21-7 magazine event . I got to meet the beautiful Jasmin from Vintage Vandalizm , such a sweet & down to earth girl. Also got to meet other people that I've been tweeting/bbming for monthssss and I got to see their faces and interact with them. Loads of fun!! If you missed out on this event, don`t worry there will def be more ;).

Here are some pics from the event!

Those cupcakes were yummy*

@VintageVandalizm x I

Lonii x @juskish (21-7 representers)

@bonniexblunts @mrslovexlabels x @jaexla

Lovesss @kingtexas

Amazing photographer @thepharside

hehe me @backyardbetty again

Me & @_gq_

The beautiful @energyelle (co founder of 21-7)

Me x @gingersling x @backyardbetty.

For more crazy pictures visit my flickr*
Check out the 21-7 magazine blogspot too.
Remember the name because 2010 is ours ;)


Loniii Ann said...

love the pictures
and super jealous I missed the cupcakes.

stujessica said...

hey cutie - i just read that because of the snow you'll be upstate for your birthday :( i PROMISE YOU one day when i get up there we'll get together!

TheDailey said...

haha amazing! look like i shouldve been there :] happy late birthday!

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