Nov 29, 2008

people are crazy|stupid;

SO how was everyones thanksgiivin?! mine was pretty cool, can`t complain. of course i work in retail so i had to work on Black Friday -_-

uh yeah , i was there from 7am to 7pm, it wasn`t that bad actually... it was dead. of course i got a nasty customer.. and for the first time ever i did not get nasty right back, i just used sarcasm and smiled. bitch was testing me lmao, eh not even going to get into details into what happened but... ladiesss please stop being so damn insecure about ur man & takin' shit out on other chicks ;). k? thnx

- so what's this about people gettin shot x trampled on black friday? really people? it`s that serious huh? smfh. people kept on shoppin at walmart knowin that someone got killed... didnt even care... smh.

Vanity x Prince
Lately for the past month or so, i`ve been all " i love to listen to Prince everyday" & i want to watch Purple Rain like a million times but i don`t own the movie =\ . idk why but yeah i`m all like on some  I heart Prince , weird. SO yeah add the Purple Rain dvd to my xmas want list,people ;)
He`s sexy :D & Vanity & Apollonia were some bad bitches.


Yep sure were. 

Anyway my weekend sucks, the highlight will be seeing my boyfriend ^_^ ... damn him living in Staten Island. Oh well. . 

Until next time...

Nov 26, 2008

i need these in my life yo!

No I'm not late on knowing about these beauties, I just haven't blogged about it. But lately I have been talking about these Jeremy Scott x Adidas sneakers. There suppose to be available to the U.S. on FEB (month of my 20th birthday btw) & that's going to be my birthday present, along with some otha shiit ;)
SO yeah I talked to a friend who's boyfriend works at the Adidas store in nyc & i was like GREAT either a) i`ll get a discount or b) he can hold them for me....
Yesterday she hits me up sayin' that the store is not getting them anymore.... I was like WHAAAAT?!?!
So now i`m like great, i`m going to have to find out what store is going to have them and when i do i probably have to effin camp out...
i've never camped out for shoes, i usually buy my shit online or i know someone & i work at a sneaker store... so wth.
i do not want to camp out, its going to be brick cold & i get bored easily... but i really really really want them ;(
Most likely i will pull some shit like that... & if they sell out then i`ll just take my ass to the Marc Jacobs store & buy a purse or something... :D
It's my BIRTHDAY so I deserve it.
But yeah anyone that knows any INFO about these babies can you please let me know?
thanksss <333 ;)

Nov 23, 2008


i just want to say thanks to EVERYONE who has been FOLLOWING me ;), i've been getting a lot of hits & <3
real update later on this week ^_^

Nov 19, 2008


it was fricking brick cold today, 30 degrees... smfh. i hate living upstate sometimes... anyway. things i need to get done;

-get my eyebrows done, i can never do my own shits... & the place where i always get them done burned down..... smh
- i need a haircut, BAD. split ends are not cute =\ . & i`m dying my hair a nice deep chocolate color.. & getting bangs along with some purple... can't wait for that <3.
- my damn history essay... smh (notice how its not my number one priority)
yeah that's pretty much it.
( since i was too lazy to take a pic of my eyeshadow i got this img from flickr)
OH so last week i ordered 2 things from Sephora. They had the 20% off all items. I got the Shu Emura 24k eyelash curler & some NARS eyeshadow in GALAPAGOS. May I say that the color is beautiful. It's part of the summer collection, it`s a nice dark chocolate color.. with gold glitter. veryyy pretty. I've worn it twice already, a little goes a long way. 

Today I wore it only on my crease, I blended it well with a MAC 217 brush & it came out very pretty. Simple as that, as my eye primer I used Maybelline's dream matte mousse foundation... i know weird but trust me it works... If you don't have eye primer & haven't gotten around to try Urban Decays Primer or any other primer use your foundation ^_-

As for the eyelash curler, it works wonders :)

That's iit for today, i dont have anything else to talk about ..

Nov 17, 2008

Some of the stuff I want for Xmas....

Yeahhhh me & Crissie ( are going to have matching hats :D

It's either this one or the Purple one,hmm which one?

I've had my eye on this Marc Jacobs Purse for a whiiiile

I need this phone in my life.... the G1, since I lost my iphone....

SO yea that's some of my Xmas shit... i know there's more buut the list is going to go for ever... i'll do the 2nd half some other day...

Nov 12, 2008


Who's down to go to the Kaws exhibit? Interested?
KAWS Exhibition
Gering & López Gallery
730 Fifth Avenue
(btw 56th & 57th Streets)
New York, NY 10019

Nov 10, 2008

Bubble Tea

it's pure yumminess.  If you don't know what bubble tea is, it's basically either a fruit-flavored or milk tea. They have yummy tapioca balls sitting at the bottom & they taste delishhh. My favorite flavor is mango <3 ! So I suggest all you sexy people to google Bubble Tea in your area and go get some ASAP! If you live in NYC I`m sure you can get some in China Town . . .

Nov 7, 2008

Lights out....

New SantoGold video, it has zebra print! lol. I love her music! 

Nov 5, 2008

Fafi in Mexico!

So I missed Fafi when she was in NYC, & now she's in Mexico D.F... blah.
anyway check her cool art she did down there.. Dia De Los Muertos Fafinettes ;)

Nov 3, 2008

If you vote, you get free Starbucks!

I hope everyone goes out to VOTE tomorrow, & if u do...

Nov 1, 2008

Wonder Woman

Doesn't Kimmy look great in her Wonder Woman Costume?? Great Idea, although i`m not feeling the black tights.. Hmmm , Any thoughts?

oh & I love this Betsey Johnson Ad, made me think of this...

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