Nov 26, 2008

i need these in my life yo!

No I'm not late on knowing about these beauties, I just haven't blogged about it. But lately I have been talking about these Jeremy Scott x Adidas sneakers. There suppose to be available to the U.S. on FEB (month of my 20th birthday btw) & that's going to be my birthday present, along with some otha shiit ;)
SO yeah I talked to a friend who's boyfriend works at the Adidas store in nyc & i was like GREAT either a) i`ll get a discount or b) he can hold them for me....
Yesterday she hits me up sayin' that the store is not getting them anymore.... I was like WHAAAAT?!?!
So now i`m like great, i`m going to have to find out what store is going to have them and when i do i probably have to effin camp out...
i've never camped out for shoes, i usually buy my shit online or i know someone & i work at a sneaker store... so wth.
i do not want to camp out, its going to be brick cold & i get bored easily... but i really really really want them ;(
Most likely i will pull some shit like that... & if they sell out then i`ll just take my ass to the Marc Jacobs store & buy a purse or something... :D
It's my BIRTHDAY so I deserve it.
But yeah anyone that knows any INFO about these babies can you please let me know?
thanksss <333 ;)


supreme. said...

thanks for the compliment, hunny.
i got it from
i just picked a random layout & tweaked the codes.

$oulCHK said...

they r quit cute <3

& to respond about ur reply, its jus a question we'll never have a "right" answer for.

its like sayin "is there a god??"

feel me?
everyone has there own opinion.

<3 godbless tootz, and thanx for following.

abs ♥ said...

shorgasm!!!! [ shoe + orgasm ] LOL

Anonymous said...

they are jeremy scott addias :)

they would look fly on you...

Taylorgotbeats said...

amazing, I've been trying to find out where/when these are dropping forever

Anonymous said...


mizsoul said...

Hot! Have you seen the other ones in black and white?

those are flyyyyyy

Anonymous said...

Hey love, how u doin?? I posted bout these sneaks since the september, so necessarly ur not 2 late. These will be a HOT ITEM for the spring. Also J.Scott signed a multi deal with adidas 2 design some clothes 2 go along wit those kicks & then some more...



Anonymous said...

Those are hot!! i would never be able to pull those off.

[$ H A R O N A] said...

yupp i need those Jeremy Scott's too. The wings flutter when you walk isn't that DOPEASFUCK! I blogged about these in my first official blog. i wonder where to get em??


Princess.Maria said...

those r reallyyyyyyyyyyyy cute i want them too =)

Kelis. said...

i was also looking for these
cant wait to get my hands on em =]

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