Nov 19, 2008


it was fricking brick cold today, 30 degrees... smfh. i hate living upstate sometimes... anyway. things i need to get done;

-get my eyebrows done, i can never do my own shits... & the place where i always get them done burned down..... smh
- i need a haircut, BAD. split ends are not cute =\ . & i`m dying my hair a nice deep chocolate color.. & getting bangs along with some purple... can't wait for that <3.
- my damn history essay... smh (notice how its not my number one priority)
yeah that's pretty much it.
( since i was too lazy to take a pic of my eyeshadow i got this img from flickr)
OH so last week i ordered 2 things from Sephora. They had the 20% off all items. I got the Shu Emura 24k eyelash curler & some NARS eyeshadow in GALAPAGOS. May I say that the color is beautiful. It's part of the summer collection, it`s a nice dark chocolate color.. with gold glitter. veryyy pretty. I've worn it twice already, a little goes a long way. 

Today I wore it only on my crease, I blended it well with a MAC 217 brush & it came out very pretty. Simple as that, as my eye primer I used Maybelline's dream matte mousse foundation... i know weird but trust me it works... If you don't have eye primer & haven't gotten around to try Urban Decays Primer or any other primer use your foundation ^_-

As for the eyelash curler, it works wonders :)

That's iit for today, i dont have anything else to talk about ..


Rebel Mel said...

I never went yesterday for my bubble tea - for some reason work FLEW by and when I looked at the clock to see when I should take my lunch break, I only had an hour left of work, so I took a walk and smoked a cigarette and took some cute pictures, which I will upload later.

I know what youre saying about needing a camera. I had been using my phone for a camera for a few months. It took pretty decent photos, but I am a snob and NEEDED a real camera. I finally got one last week and it is pretty much superglued to my hand. I got the canon powershot SD1100 IS - I love it. I eventually want to buy another digital camera, one where I control all the features, but I haven't taken a photography class in about 6 years, so I think I should wait on that one!

Whats your history essay about?

Rebel Mel said...

Yeah, like I said I havent taken a photography class in ears, so I hardly remember anything about it, but just look for whichever camera has the most megapixels, the best zoom, and the easiest functions. I was in best buy for a few hours the other nigt just playing around with each camera, I think I found the perfect one for now.

I dont remember the site names that I looked at for the dream interpretations. But, I googled "dream interpretation" and on the first page there was a link something like "" which was one site I used and another was "" or something to that effect. I used a bunch of sites, because some of them have only limited dictionaries.

Glamour Me Up ♥ said...

I have this color from NARS and i must say it is VERY pretty!! but i havent been able to wear it often because i dont know what colors would blend well with it...any suggestions?? ♥

ABS ♥ said...

i took own that! works its magic jus well! lol i love that drawing up there by the way! anyways thanks for the subscibe! have a goo day daling! =]

ABS ♥ said...

good* lol

Anonymous said...

nice blog...girly but nice...

Crayonmonkee said...

i was browsing through ur profile and cant help to see helzz bellz on it!say whaaaaaaaat! i love helzz bellz.MOB an that all goos stuff.cute blog

Rebel Mel said...

Really? What kind of bird is it? He was bouncing around, it looked like he was dancing. I liked him a lot

-bonnie marie; said...

of course i had the mobssss =] holler ;]

LOVELEE. said...

that shit looks seriousss. mad sparkly lol

yummy411 said...

foundation, concealer... they are the primers before the 'primers' happened lol i hear so much about this nars color. gotta check it out for myself!

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