Jul 17, 2009

Love Hellz Bellz && Twilight??

Do not miss out movie night on Friday July 25th at 7pm! Hellz Bellz && 5&aDime will be projecting the movie Twilight! Popcorn, candy apples & tees by Hellz Bellz?! I`m there.... well if only it wasnt in California ;[ But if you`re in that SD area , GO GO GO! Oh & bring your own lawn chair :D
Oh && vote for Jessica If you havent already!! Come on even Teyana Taylor && Shorty from the Beat Freaks KNOW the deal... only one more day


miss_bo$sy said...
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miss_bo$sy said...

aww i soo wish this twilight event was in NY!!! =/

Mina Lee said...

YES!! I'll be back right in time. Thanks for posting!!


Yooo how Hellz Bellz took a TRUEBLOOD image and turned it into a twilight flyer lmao that's GAY! http://showclix.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2008/10/trueblood_poster.jpg

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