May 12, 2009

Save your $$

Lately i've been investing a lot of $$ into hair products due to my hair shedding like fucking crazy that it scares me sometimes. Its like i`m leaving hair all over the damn place....

I usually flat iron my hair almost everyday, but i`ve been giving it a break. But idk what else to do with my hair, it doesn`t even get wavy/curly anymore it`s just pin straight and frizzy ;[ 
Which fucking sucks monkey balls. . . idk what else to do? 

I`m a sucker for good ads! I saw the commercial for the new John Freida Root Awakening && i went to my CVS & bought the shampoo & spray.... it's been a month i believe & my hair is still falling out, still the same honestly.... SO sunday i bought Pantene Pro V Natural Fusion. My friend tried it and her hair looks more shiny & healthy... so i`m gonna give that a go :D

Does anyone know what I could possibly do to my hair so it stops falling out like crazy? Or just a good hair care regimen? HELP


niki.mac said...

sounds like you have some heat damange! the hair falling out, not waving or curling anymore, those are all tell tale signs.

you should try to find products that have protein strengthening in them. I don't kno if you use oil on your hair but I love CHI brand Silk Infusion Oil... it has silk protein in it and it makes my hair so soft!

Good luck!

Rai said...

Stress could add to hair loss.
Or maybe you have a medical problem.

How much is falling out?
Is it lumps of hair?

Mama Laura said...

Do you dye your hair? I've noticed my hair falls out a lot more when it's dyed than when it's been bleached.

Try taking prenatal vitamins, though. They really help.


The loss of hair is inevitable. It's going to fall as it grows, and quite frankly whenever we look in the shower, it will be there lol. I've blogged about this in the past too, it's always frightening to see your hair in the shower and we get a little paranoid but it's really normal. Especially if you have European silk textured hair. Ie: why most Caucasian and Hispanic women tend to have their hair fall. The best advice I can give, is to take vitamins. Ones especially formulated for "HAIR, SKIN, AND NAILS" that's usually how you'll find them if you search over at GNC or Sephora or any other vitamin retail store near you other then the common pharmacy, you want variety to look through.

A lot of the time the loss of hair has mostly to do with diet and proper vitamin intake. We often don't eat right and never get the amount of vitamins we daily need, because food alone does not offer that. That's why I can never stress how important it is for women to take vitamins. So yeah, my tip - go vitamin shopping for a "Skin, Hair, and Nails" bottle and try that out. Also, I too have pin straight hair (naturally) but I do flat iron it daily just to make it "neat" if you want to attempt at the curly look, best way is always wet and using curl activating gel, hair spray, and or mousse. Flip your head upside down and scrunch. If you have a blow dryer set it on low to let it dry up a bit and continue to scrunch and apply product. Then finish with a flexible spray.

Sorry, I know I wrote a story but I can so relate to your pain lol. A quick run down on some of the products I use just in case you want somewhere to start:

Shampoo & Conditioner - Biolage

Vitamins - GNC brand skin hair and nails.

Gels - Hairspray - Mousse - I use anything tresemme, pantene, or biolage and I never mix the brands. Not sure why but I've always felt it best to stick to one type of chemical in your hair as oppose to a bunch of different ones from different brands.

Hair Oil for flat ironing - Biosilk <--- always! and this little bottle of serum from AVON for the frizzy ends.

Anonymous said...

dont flat iron it every day!! condition condition condition

Yasluv♥ said...

Vitamins, Use less heat, Baby your hair and Condition, Condition, Condition!!!!!!!!!!!

Authentik.SupaFlai said...

Alot of females said it enough here. heat is never good. ive went thru the very same thing your going thru...and currently i still am. if your use to ironing ya hair daily or often for that matter, the natural state of ya hair disappears. Because now its accostmed to the heat styles. for me i co wash and moisturize my hair daily, and i pay attention to my ends. A LOT. the ends are the most important because they are there longer so they need just as much love as every other inch. oils are really good also, and because its getting hot i cant stress enough how important it is to keep ya hair moisturized and clean. tho it WILL take time for your hair to stop shedding, it will get better. but it takes trails and tribulations. you have to try things to see what works best for your hair. what may work for one chick isnt gonna be exactly the same for another. but yea.... you can do it be patient and dont freak out if you still see shedding itll lessen

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