May 27, 2009


I must say that I am a Twilight fanatic . . how did it start?? Wellp me not doing shit & wanting to see what the whole "hype" was about made me read them. It hasn't been a week yet & i`m already on the final book "Breaking Dawn". I don`t want to read it so fast like the others, i want to take my time... i don`t want it to end ;[ 

Team Edward right here!! I`m in love with a fictional vampire ;[ , glad i`m not the only one who feels the same way.... && why cant all guys be like Edward? or Jacob?? *sighs*

Anyway i am BEYOND excited for the next movie *New moon. I hope the movie is wayyyyy better than Twilight... they left TOOO much detail out the movie if you ask me... so i`m hoping for the best. There will be a preview of New Moon this sunday @ the MTV movie awards. Fckin exciiiited. 

Whew okay, anyway I will be reading other blogs now... yeap Twilight blogs... I think Robert Pattison is cute :D

Check out What theForks?! blog... fckin love it... the creator of Hellz-Bellz *lanie , runs it a long with Betsey J, & other cool bloggers. The posts definitely make me giggle.... && they went to Vacouver where the movie was being filmed, how awesome?!lol

I definitely recommend the books....



erm omgosh how good is it!! I bought the film a couple of weeks ago, and I couldn't believe how good it was! Bought the books too, can't wait for the next film! Hope you're ok chick xx

stephyy said...

ahh!!! I so can't wait for new moon!! Hey did you hear on MTV movies awards they're showing the trailer to new moon!!!! sunday dnt miss it!!!

Authentik.SupaFlai said...

i am def. team jacob. i was for edward at once. and i kinda think i still am but he be making me double think his actions. so i unno. but i cant wait either!

Jervis said...

ugh, i hate twilight

Ana B. said...

I hope New Moon is better than the last movie. The books are amazing and I'm team Edward all the way.

In A NY State Of Mind said...

you look like you haven't seen daylight in a week or two.

get on it.

AiiNEEH said...

Your porbably like who the hell is this bt.. OMG YOUR BLOG IS AMAZINGGG AND YOUR TWILIGHT OBSSESION =X :: Sniff sniff:: I so agree with you Its ADDICTING! I am one of those "others" whose read the books TOOOO fast to actually enjoy it and im literally reading them again O_O OBSSESED I TELL YOU.

L said...

GIRL *straight face* I am ALWAYS late with sh*t... I had Twilight chillin' on my comp for a MINUTE and decided to finally watch it cuz my sis reminded me to.

I thought some of the acting was straight CHEESE but I automatically loved the idea of Edward and the passion he exuded. Shit made me "tingle". LMFAO.

Bought the saga the following day and am just finishing up Twilight and I agree with you, there was A LOT of info left out. I defn. appreciated the book and am excited to get to New Moon. The trailer just made me go nuts in my mind.

TOTALLY OBSESSED... its ridiculous.

Hope all is well ma, we aint talk in a minute!

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