Oct 26, 2009


There I was walking down the aisle of CVS minding my business when I saw a shelf full of Snuggies. I immediately squealed and grabbed one for $14.99. The cheetah one at that! I mean come on, who doesn't want a blanket with arms?! Now I can be nice and toasty while I blog, watch tv, eat popcorn on the couch, read a book or "raise the roof". HA! Yes & you can totally disown me but at least I'll be nice and warm.

"...but Kay you bought a robe that's backwards"
"..it looks like a Harry Potter robe"
"..you bought a blanket with arms?!"
"...I`m going to burn it"

Are the things I've been getting a lot lately... but you know what SO WHAT lmao. I love it, even though it is HUGE on me. Yes the commercials are so corny but lets get past that and give it a try... you know you want one ;)
Oh and if I had a doggy I'd so get one for it....yep

Now who wants to have a snuggie party?!


Anonymous said...

This is ripoff!!!!! Bish, use Grandma's old slavery quilt!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You’re best! Go!Go!加油
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karen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Darling Nikky said...

ok...im slow ass fuk!
u got that nu-nu layout & the comments are on the top!
got it! duhhhhhh!
but anyways....rock on with your snuggie! lol!
as long as u wam N comfy u GOOD!
and u stylin N cheetah?! pfff they cant touch u! haha!

Neesh B Fly said...

i hate the snuggies and a snuggie for the dogs are stupid..but anyway yeah these suck!!! But Nice Blog im following you

Anonymous said...

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Cristina BarbieLuvsMac said...

this shit had me LMAO outloud!!!! my dad walked by and just staredd. ahahaha this was funny as hell *raise the roof* lmao.

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