Mar 1, 2011


Every year I ALWAY say "I`m going to lose weight", yanno usually when my skinny jeans won't fit and everything else doesn't look the same way it used to and I look into the mirror and say "I`m a large marge"

This year I AM FINALLY WORKING MY BUTT OFF!!! I am so happy and feel more energized and I cannot wait to see the results. Sometimes I feel like I`m on that MTV show, working out and cussin myself why I ate that slice of cheesecake. Anyway, usually I start by warming up on the elliptical, run on the treadmill, (I try to run 2 miles), work on my arms, glutes, "love-handles", and of course stomach. I also take group classes which I love because to me, when you are working in a group you feel motivated and feel like you can't fall behind. The classes I take during the week are: Spinning, Kick-boxing, and Total body training.

It's been only a month, my endurance has definitely gone up. I think I lost a little bit of weight on my thighs and stomach, nothing big. I keep telling myself that its not magic and nothing will happen overnight. I also don't weigh myself. The scale tends to get some people discouraged and back to their bad eating habits and not working out as hard....

I am sharing my journey with you guys and excited to show you guys what I eat and how my body has transformed. Right now I weigh 130lbs (I checked 3weeks ago), I might check again at the end of March....

The other day I found an A M A Z I N G website that must be shared:

This is like the best help ever! It gives you easy food recipes, things you should order when you go out, and products to buy at your supermarket! Here are some of the pages I've bookmarked and things I want to try! Enjoy!!

Those are some of my fav links, I know there's more but, you get the idea :)


A said...

Those sites are great! It's hard to find good sites with tasty food. Thanks for listing them all. A

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