Jun 29, 2009


As everyone knows i`m a HUGE Twilight Fan,I follow everything Twilight. My girl Jess AKA Yoshi from WhatTheForks made the TwiCon finals ( if she wins she`ll get the chance to interview the twilight cast ) So please help her out and vote. Her name is Jessica Gueco && her video is so cute & funny CLICK HERE TO VOTE , it only takes a second! & if you are a Twilight fan you should check out the WTForks blog :D & VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!

Jessica Gueco

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Team: Team Edward

Jessica, aka “Yoshi,” takes a bit of Twilight with her everywhere she goes. Her workspace is no exception. With posters, desktop wallpaper, and the saga, itself, ready to be loaned out at any moment, Jessica does little to hide her obsession. And she wants to share it with everyone else. Her blog (whattheforks.wordpress.com) is her way of spreading the Twi-love. But the biggest sign of her mania is the trip she took to Vancouver to catch a glimpse of the filming of New Moon.


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