Jun 17, 2009

Dumb girls...

Okay so like i was saying in my previous post after i left Sole' i headed to NYC to the set of "Remember me" where Robert Pattinson aka Edward Cullen from Twilight was.... I was super excited cause i wanted to see him & take pics of him nothing big yanno.. i know i say i wanna rape him & have his babies & shit LMAO but wow some of those girls MOBBED him... i was not there when it happened but from this video.. wow... bitches get a FUCKING GRIP... he is a person too... give him some fckin space...smh

So i got there && he was already done shooting outside he was inside a building... so i hit up a friend to ask when he would be out... she gave me a time.. mind you i don`t live in nyc so i had to make decisions... so i decided to wait for him to come out... i was there for a while just waiting.. it fckin POURED... thank god i had my umbrella.. LMAO YEAH SOLE SEE... so around 7pm some random ass girl was like "OMG HE JUST LEFT" everyone was like wtff . SO i guess `cause dumb girls mobbed him he left out a backway or something.... at first i was like this bitch is an extra & she`s lying so we could leave... lmao but then i put two & two together & realized he was GONE. i wanted to cry.... lmao cause really i spent like 2hrs sitting out by a ledge just waiting :(.... i was heartbroken... i met some nice girls... i think i see her in that video... she wasnt all up on him though she was jus taking pics....anyway yeah

*sad face* i hope i get to see him/meet him before he leaves nyc ;[

anyone else going to the set? or know someone whos an extra lmao GET @ me...


adrienne said...

lmfao idk about the whole mobbing him thing but i damn sure would wait two hours for him

tianamonique--* said...

I prolly woulda mobbed his sexy self too =]

i joke. but that is so crazyy.

&+ he is deff worth the wait.

mmm edward! =]

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