Sep 29, 2009

Where The Wild Things Are x Opening Ceremony

When I first heard they were making this book into a movie I got more than excited, in fact I think my heart skipped a beat. That's how much I am in love with this story, if you did not read this book when you were younger... *blank stare* . Anyway, "Where the Wild Things Are" releases in movie theaters Oct. 16th.
In celebration, Opening Ceremony will be releasing a limited edition collection inspired by this movie. Yup, you too can get all furry with bunny ears and a tail! I think that's what I want to be for Halloween, also I`ll use it as pajamas lmao ;)
They also have a cute charm bracelet...

To watch the trailer *click here

EDITORS NOTE// uh yeah that Max suit is $610, it can stay right there :) .Carry on...

Sep 28, 2009



- i started school a month ago... it`s pretty hectic.. plus i`m the president of the business club (yay) ... && all these other places i contribute to.... it leaves no time for my own "personal" blog. Lately I`ve been thinking... instead of me contributing to all these different places, i`m going to re do this blog & make it better & kinda "Do me" here. Build my OWN name && not be known as Kay the chick who contributes to so & so....

I hope you guys stay here & wait for me :)


Sep 15, 2009


I just ordered these babies for $118 shipping & tax included instead of me paying $145. They are back ordered i believe though ;( . I AM SO EXCITED TO GET THEM IN THE MAIL . yayy

Oh && if you are wondering how i got them or so cheap i used a coupon *click here .

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