May 13, 2008

Guilty Pleasures

Today i woke up at 12pm and i had a craving for chocolate, i`m a huuuuuge chocoholic. Nutella is THE best spread ever, i had it with some bread and then i found a banana and i had to put some Nutella on it too. I wish it didnt have so many calories :( , i`m trying to get in shape for this summer but my guilty pleasures are NO HELP.

Like yesterday i had the bessst icecream ever. ColdStone . Seriously if you ever see that place anywhere around you....TRY IT. They are a bit pricey but its worth it. Orgasm in your mouth ;). I recommend the No lovin in the Oven or something like that...yummy. Yesterday i had the Who You Callin ShortCake was alright, for someone who likes strawberry icecream. I should of ordered something with chocolate,hm next time ;)

McDonald's Sweet Tea...ahhh for $1...i will probably down 3 of these within an hour. I made my friend drive to McDonalds before he dropped me off home, mind you we just had some ColdStone lol. Its so addicting :)

Anyway im off to clean...

Kat Von D&Sephora

Am i the only one that gets exited when they put make-up in the morning or whenever?? It never gets old for me...warm feeling inside of me..i swear its a drug for my face :D
So today i saw that the new sephora magazine arrived...and i got so exited.
Kat Von D and Sephora??? Ah..i love her on L.A. Ink. If Kat wouldn't of been a tattoo artist she would of been a makeup artist. Her makeup is always on point.... Here's some of the article from Sephora....

"People have always asked me what I would be doing if I wasn't a tatoo-er," says Kat Von D, reality TV star and owner of LA's High Voltage Tattoo. "The only other thing I could imagine is doing makeup!" Kat's love for makeup is immediately apparent when you see her apply her signature look—a sexy combo of Old Hollywood Glamour and modern LA edge. And she certainly knows her stuff! At our photo shoot, Kat did her own makeup—in a speedy 15 minutes (it usually takes an hour for makeup artists to finish a look!). Full of tips, tricks, and helpful hints, it's no surprise that this certified makeup junkie created such a beautiful color line. With an attention to detail like hers, no feature is overlooked! (Picture above from

So with that said i think next time i`m in nyc i`ll make sure to hit up Sephora and might get the palette and a couple of other things.But how am i when i`m jobless?? =(

Today i couldnt go to the mall to check out MAC's DazzleGlass. Instead i went to ColdStone...but i`ll save that for another post....

May 11, 2008

MAC DazzleGlass

MACs much anticipated lipgloss.
i know i`m late as hell, but tomorrow i`m going to the mall. i think i`ll pick up moneyhoney&&getrichquick.
i`m a MACwhore ;)
anyway my  mother told me last week that she saw on the news that the shine from the lipgloss attracts the uv rays from the sun even more and that you could develop cancer.know what i said?? 'ma everything gives you cancer now a days'..
besides...i prime my lips with some sort of spf chapstick..
The school semester is over, what to do now?? I guess i`ll start playing with makeup even more than i used to...i need to get a job at MAC...arghhh
i`m craving some sushii<33

For some reason, most likely due to many thoughts i've had... i decided to make a blog. semester is over so i decided to try this.... it`s mother`s day. blah.
cmmts are ALWAYS welcomed.
i`ll most likely talk about make-up,shoes,food,friends,& youtube. ;)

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