Jun 19, 2008

Lake Minnewaska State Park

Today i went to Lake Minnewaska with a couple of friends and had fun :) . We did some "hiking" which was pretty cool,took the wrong trail so we ended up doing a circle around the lake. It wasn't bad at all, it`s just that we wanted to go to a different lake and swim since we heard from a couple of people that it was better then the one you see on the pictures. All pictures were taken with my iphone, since my digital camera is fulllllllll of pictures of last year's adventures with friends. After the hike we went to a bar to play pool, which was my first time, fun.

Anyway here are the pics, enjoy.
and yes i had lunch on top of that rock eating sushii :) yummmmm


Taryn "Skinny Genes" B. said...

man that i phone of yours takes good pictures...I love the pictures, nature looks so relaxing. Trips like those are really needed. Looks like you had a calm and fun time :-)

Anonymous said...

It looks so tranquil. Nice photos too =].

E'Jae said...

Nice pics. These scenes are so tranquil.

Jay said...

Looks like you had fun, pretty picture{

Tavita said...

Great work.

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