Sep 30, 2008

You can get a lapdance here for free...

I need to start posting a tad bit more don`t you think?? The other day I had so much to talk about and now i`m here in my room ready to type away and umm nothing....

I need to find myself a nice winter boot. I was thinking of buying yet another pair of UGGs, but they're a tad bit played out... much..
I fell in love with the leopard print ones... anyone that knows me knows that i am obsessed with animal print.So i shall get them, unless anyone has a nice suggestion for a different type of winter boot..
Ok so,umm let's see OH YES, i was watching 100 best rap songs on VH1 && N.E.R.D.S Lapdance came on, and... is it just me or was he even sexier with his mustache?! He can get it :D
blah blah , i think i`m going to sleep.

Sep 26, 2008

TokiDoki Rain Boots, they will be on sale I believe Oct.1st or 3rd. They will be retailed at $120USD. There's another style that will come out with these. These are my favorite ones, I think I`m going to buy them :)

Sep 23, 2008

Fall is Finally Here .....

My favorite season is here and I`m happy ^_^ . Well this past weekend I did get to have my French Date with my friend but we didn't get to make crepes =( , we met up late so we had kettle popcorn which is the best popcorn ever! The movie that we watched was really good, at first I didn't understand what was going on but then I caught on. The movie was in French with English subtitles which was pretty cool... French people talk really fast lol. Before we met up I was with my other friend shopping, umm I hate shopping... I don't like to look around... I don't have the patience for it... I'd rather online shop.... lol idk I'm weird... Oh I've been looking all over for a pair of acid wash skinny jeans for a reasonable price...

I'm excited for Oct. 3 & Oct.18th. Going to a haunted house & the 18th going to six-flags ^_^
Oh and anyone wanna donate $300 so I can get this adorable Fafi instant camera?

Sep 16, 2008

French Date!

So this weekend me & my friend decided to have a French Date. We're going to watch French movies & make crepes. I can't wait, I have nothing to do with myself. I miss my boyfriend =\ , I haven't seen him in like a month =(
Kind of sucks having a long distance relationship...oh well. Oh today I bought my Six-Flags Fright Fest tickets :D. My boyfriend is coming & I cannot waiiit! Everyone in their blogs are talking about what they're going to be for Halloween, I've always wanted to be a Fafi Doll for like 3 years now...before everyone fell into the hype.So I don't know I just might...
Well I`m going to go, I`m super hungry!!

Sep 15, 2008

Coco Chanel & Update!

Did anyone catch Coco Chanel on Lifetime Saturday night? If not, you missed out big time! I`m sure they'll play it again this week or next. It was a very interesting movie, and I loved Coco's attitude. Shirley MacLaine did a great job! Gabrielle (Coco) came a long way.. may she rest in peace! I want to own this movie if it ever comes out on DVD.

Well I certainly went MIA lol, school has been kind of eh. I`m rarely on my laptop and when I am I don't feel like updating (lazy). The weather has been crazy lately, one day its hot and one cold.... smh. Anyway I can`t wait to chop off my hair to my shoulder and get lots of choppy layers,some bangs & some crazy hair colors... like purple & pink...sounds weird but I know what I`m doing :D . 

Ummmmmm let`s see.... my life has been kind of boring.... better update next time..

Sep 2, 2008

Cult of Cherry!

MAC's cult of cherry is out and I want the Spiced Chocolate Quad & Illegal Purple Nail Lacquer! I really want to recreate this look you see on the side here. Very pretty! But I just got 88 eyeshadows! I need to get some more eyeshadow brushes, i`m thinking of going to get Paintbrushes, they work just as well. The MAC brushes are just too damn much for me. But if you're looking for some nice fall makeup, cult of cherry is definitely for you! I am so addicted to Makeup :( , my boyfriend says he won't take part in this by buying me makeup :( . dammit. Oh well! & check out this Video MAC has for the line, I love it! 

Sep 1, 2008

Chubby Cheeks!

My first week of school was pretty cool, all my teachers are great! I absolutely love my French Teacher, she's really from France. She has an accent :) Everything she says in French I understand ^_^  & she`s funny . She makes me want to move to France & I`m also thinking about French being my minor, so i`ll be trilingual! My Psychology teacher,love her too! She makes me laugh & she`s really smart. I have a feeling i`ll be passing her course too. Actually all my classes I hope I either get As or Bs. Eh my Speech teacher is pretty eh idk... I hope I do well in his class. I hate talking in front of people. As for History, I got that in the bag. This year at my college there's a lot of freshman omg, and half of them went to my highschool *rolls eyes*. Eh it`s whatever man, I hate community college. I can`t wait to transfer out to my dream school, F.I.T. So that pretty much sums up school for now.

So I spent half of my labor day running and climbing ladders at work. I hate back to school season. I got better at remembering shoe sizes for people though lol. Last year i couldn't remember more than two. Hmmm I want to skate, but I`m so tired :( . My boyfriend gave me his skateboard and I haven`t tried it out yet :(.

Has anyone seen the new target line?This is one of the many outfits i`m feeling:

So starting tomorrow I decided I`m going to stop eating to much junk food! I have gained weight, and my cheeks are chubby!lol. I`m not used to having chubby cheeks and my skinny jeans are not fitting! Oh I need to find some acid washed skinnys. But I can`t seem to find them anywhere :(

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