Mar 20, 2009

Did you miss me?!

I am soooo sorry if I have not updated in like idk how long..... well this week was my spring break & it went wayyy tooo fast. Good news is that I got to spend it with the people that I love ;]

Monday -Tuesday I was in the city with my baby ;] . Had a great time! Ate some yummy sushi,japanese food, and more food! (thank-you baby for both meals ;) ) . We watched Watchmen & ommg it was suuuuch a good movie. Long but good. I think I may need to see it again because I was somewhat lost... but if you have not seen it yet I suggest you guys GO and see it. The weather in NYC was soooo nice!! Tuesday was St.Pattys day, I was suppose to meet up with some friends but I do not have fake i.d. =| , so blahhhhhh lol. The train back home was PACKED of people from the parade.... there were no seats :( 

Wednesday I met up with some friends, got some Pizza Hut, went to the mall & saw Twilight at this movie theater for like $2 . I saw this movie before with my boyfriend.... it was eh... I saw it again because my friends did not see it and there was shit to do so yeaaa..... we walked out after Bella told Edward he was a vampire.... we kept giggling and making jokes about the was fun lmao. Then we got bored and left after that scene =|

Thursday I hung out with my best friend, ate KFC, called our other friend... drove around. Mall,Target, went to Wendys.. parked in front of my house for 3 hrs and gossiped :D lmao. Good times

Today I worked both jobs... nothing exciting :( 

I promise I will start blogging more often....



Rai said...

You like your Japanese food, huh? lol. And I heard Watchmen was a complete waste of cash...

I just became hungry from reading this post. haha
And OMG you work 2 JOBS?!

kmx. said...

I never had Japanese food; my mom said it gives her the shits lol. Ew! But glad you had a good time love, and happy to have you back! I still wanna see Watchmen. Twilight was aiigh, I wouldn't watch it more than once though lol.

& On your grind? I see youuuu girlll!

Rachie-Pie said...

welcome back missyyy!!! ooh sunds like good fun! and most def blg more!! lol!! ahh so glad you enjoyed wacthmen such mixed reviews!!

Paola said...

im glad you liked watchmen cause i hatedddd it !!

and i wanna see twilight to see what all the buzz was about.

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