Mar 3, 2009



SO . . for those who follow my blog from like the JUMP . . know that i`ve had my eye on some shoes . . . not any shoes... but precious little darlings that would of been my babies.

SO ... also... I haven't had a phone for a while... yeah that long... mind u what i`ve been doing with my money all these months =x . What I will be doing is a mature decision ( it`s only right I am 20 now after all...) Instead of buying THESE *tear drops*

I will be buying this:

I know most of u are like "uh isnt the phone 200" yeah for new ppl with tmobile.. however i`m not new & i have no credit... so i`ll have to drop $500 for that bitch . . . uh yeah not cool.

There was suppose to be an Adidas Event in Wooster Street in SoHo , idk if it was tonight or if its tomorrow night... but for those of you who want these babies... I suggest you call or go see if they're there .

Fuck this shit man.... ugh... I hope I dont see anyone post these shoes anymore in the blogworld... yeah it's that serious! So I will go now and cry in my little corner =| Naw i`m about to go do some French hw & talk to my boo...



niki.mac said...

why not get a cheaper phone and get the shoes? then you'll have both!

stephyy said...

:( sorryyy about the shoesss and that phone is cool and ya if your needing a new phone and you have the money for it then get the phone its way more important then the shoes.

PORCHE ` said...

If it makes you feel better, i'm dying for that fuckin' phone !!!

Latoya said...


lalallaliyah said...

ha! i made a post about those sneakers too! but, i agree with niki.mac. you know they come out with new phones like every 3 months or whatever.

but i feel you, i guess you gotta prioritize. =[

Yas said...

I'm sorry mamas. I know thats was and wasn't a hard decision, but still it can feel really frustrating. I'm proud of you though and seriously that is a hot phone that may just lead to more opportunities for you ...and maybe you will be able to get some hot kicks after all. You never know;) Hugs!

Rai said...

I rather get those shoes than that phone. lol

My phone is with my mom's plan because I don't have credit either.

LaLa said...

don't do it! wait it out mama!!!

This phone was suppose to be MINE already I knew about this baby before it even came out! UGH!!! Then because I'm not *NEW* yes it's actually wayyyy over just 500 soooo guess what no phone :\ I was pissed I've been pissed BUTTT I work to damn hard to shit out close to 700 on a phone, really!!?? The good news is I'm due for an upgrade in April and by then the price of the phone will be down anyway plus my discount for the upgrade! DONT DO IT! Its not worth it, let the price of down!!! love you!


In A NY State Of Mind said...

My girl is making me get the BB Storm. lol. txtn in T9 sucks bolas. my thumbs be killing me son. u seen my phone. flat as fack. lol

so no tameles & atole. bumerrr!

Rubinstein said...

imma kill you with this, but...did you see the white ones???? they're for men (they say) but i dont give a damn...i'll buy them. i need a phone too...but i'll buy THEM!

philamer, said...

get the shoes!!! i'm still savin and waitin for em! ha.

L said...

fawk man, what a hard choice gawt'dammmmit. i'd be pissed.... i love me some shoes and new phones. *comforts you*

gah... i want those shoes man....

Makeup by ReRe said...

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In A NY State Of Mind said...

lol. I've been fully aware of its flaws since jump. Nothing i can't deal with. & plus Verizon has no other good BB's. Fuck it.

Rachie-Pie said...

awww man, we londoners would be lucky if thos js winged even drop over here, because i havent heard NOTHING as of yet and you know my ears are alwayslisting out for new drops! and wtf $500 for a PHONE! WOW! that is alottttttt!!! bettr be worth it...because once those adidas JS are gone, they are GONE lol! and you gona be ebay serching and it will be in the big bucks!

and those black/white/purple low dunks are from Dr. Jays, one of teh harlem 125th branches they were only like $35!!!!!!! CHEAPPPP!!!

Rachie-Pie said...

OH AND WHERE DID U see the diggs for 70?! that is GOOD! I got them in DQM for $78 and I saw them in sum other store for $79, over here they are £70!!! thats what $110?! BUMP! LONDON IS A BUMP!!!!!!!

Rachie-Pie said...

oh lol final note: i am cumin NYC in the summer lol, in june its all booked so when i head over there we shud def meet up!

Rachie-Pie said...

of course i have an accent, im from london! and if you take the piss, i will mimic yours!


I saw these shoes today in adidas originals in Liverpool. they are amazing! xx

Melody.Darlene said...

smart decision... kicks like those u can only rock so often without playing them out... but the phone will be used daily! lol

NOT IN USE said...

I got the wings today i was looking for them all over new york =] and i had too got them from Miami But i got them and they are for men too and i was going too get the white ones But i did not like them as much the gold are more WOW look at that and the ones or more like OK they look like dunks LMAO But they was 360

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