Jan 19, 2010

I like to be tacky. . . .

This past weekend I went to go spend a couple of days with Sole' ! I have not seen this girl since September!

I was so happy to see her! Me and this girl are such FATASSES! lmao when we get together all we do is eat food, and sleep. But we still managed to do a small shoot for my site (coming SOON I promise)

Here are a FEW pics that I took with my stupid new camera that I MUST return. I miss my old Sony cybershot. This dique 12 megapixel touch screen is just not doing it for me...

Meet Trigga the Fish, he was such a camerawhore!

Meet "Mittens", Sole' says she doesn't like taking pics but I swear she was posing for me bahahah

I like to drink juice out of cartons, madd ghetto. lmao

OMG I love this fishy here! Is it a puffer fish?? His name is
WHATCHU smilin` at?! aww que cute

Bows, polka dots, cheetah print. Yep I like tacky shit. sue me


LaLa said...

hahaha so cute tho, you do it well ma ;)

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