Jan 7, 2010

Happy 2010*

I didn't even get to write my last post of 09 or show you guys my new hair.

It's not like I`ve been "busy" , I really have been a lazy girl this week. I've been enjoying my Winter break off school. I go back in 2 weeks and I know it is going to go with the quickness!!!

However, let me update you all on what the fuck I've been doing....

+ I practically bought my own domain.
+A friend is helping me with my layout *super excited.
- I've been home mostly because my two jobs have no hours for me :(
+Brainstorming 21st Bday Plans. (to those that will be invited, you are in for a treat ;) ...details soon)
+Also planning somewhat of a online blog domination hehe
+Getting my makeup portfolio together. Even if I use my own camera and I`m the photographer...it will get done before I go back to school. No excuses
-missing a "happy meal" west coast chola knows the deal...

Now I present you my new 'do

I go by Karen O , since this new look reminds me of her. Plus that is my real name ;)

On that note, look out for my new site, new content, more posts, more everything!



Cristina BarbieLuvsMac said...

your hair looks so good!

❥ jαι said...

That's most definitely you're style. It looks good on you.

ashley sade said...

its a good look :]

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