Dec 26, 2009

Smelling yummy;

The other week I was in Sephora, I had to return my MUFE HD Foundation cause I didn't like the consistency of it and just wasn't happy with it. I think people hyped it up too much. Anyway, I was past my 30 days so I had store credit. I bought yet another hyped up product.
Lola by Marc Jacobs the "it" fragrance , don't get me wrong... I loved it BUT for some reason my body quickly absorbs it. WOMP so now I have to return it *sighs* . I need to find a winter/spring fragrance that stays on me and won't leave. If you have any suggestions, please drop them in the cmmnt box!

For now Victoria's Secret Sweet Daydream is holding me down. I frickin' love it... It's a mix of apple, raspberry and vanilla. yumm ♥


vi said...

i love that foundation! maybe try NARS sheer glow or bobbi brown skin foundation? they're very light and illuminating. and i like miss dior cherie. ask for a sample at sephora next time. =)

ms.rea said...

i'm going to have to try the VS scent. anything mixed with vanilla i LOVE.

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