Dec 7, 2009

Curtiss King ; "Snick at Nite" Mixtape

Last night I was on the phone with Rissa, and she put me on Curtiss King. I've heard of him before, but I never really got the chance to sit down and listen to his music. Till Rissa started playing his new mixtape that just released. I was like "WOW I LOVE IT" , and immediately decided to tell you guys about it in case you haven't heard of him. In my opinion I think the whole "theme/idea" of this mixtape is genius. It brings back memories of the 90s when we used to watch Nickelodeon, like Doug, Ren & Stimpy, All That and more.

"Snick @ Nite” is a mixtape entirely produced by emcee/producer Curtiss King. Named after the popular block of shows Nickelodeon showed on Saturday nights in the 90s, “Snick @ Nite” is made of samples from many of Nickelodeon’s most popular Tv themes flipped into a wide variety of Hip Hop styles. Songs such as the DMV Go-Go influenced “Bangin On A Trash Can” matched with the lyricism and high energy of Hip Hop’s new class of emcees, shows that “Snick @ Nite” will be a Hip Hop release like no other."
Here is the link to DL it.
Follow him on twitter @CurtissKing
Tell me what you guys think ;) or better yet tweet him!!


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