Dec 5, 2009

WTForks x We Are The Trinity: New Moon Release PARTY! NYC RECAP

I know I`m super late on posting these pics, but these are the pics from the New Moon party was part of along with we are the trinity! I want to thank Xavier for being a good sport and taking me to this event along with the midnight show ( so sweet :D) , Also shouts to Tina B Marie for coming with her friends!

*yes they had cutout boards! bwahaha

*the boo Tina & TAY TAY

*silly boy ; take one
*xavier & i ; take two

*we had TWI TRIVIA hehe

*Jess aka Yoshi

*idk why this was there but hey lmao

*xavier is so blah lmao smh

*Jess && I; lovesss it!

*yes a guy answering a Twilight question!ha!

*lmao notice Tina's friend taking the drink away

*"take a pic with my new moon drink" lmaoo

*Lauren from We Are The Trinity

*June;also from We Are The Trinity

*Jess being silly lmao

*Keychain from June & Lauren; loves it

*They gave out posters,pins, shirts, pens, trading cards!


*that new moon drink was yummy; but i spilled it by the end of the night ;(

*oh nosss Jacob fell ;(

*lol @ us

*my two faves; lmao @ Xavier

*he's 17, does that make me a PUMA for Jacob?! haha

*he held my posters the whole night lmao

*we like to make faces haha

*lmao so silly
*he needed some loving too!

WTFORKS & We Are The Trinity

To see more pics click here

Over all great night! Everyone knows how much I love The Twilight Saga, and I want to thank those people who put up with it. Thank you! :D


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