Jul 16, 2008

Sushi,Sushi,& more Sushi

I`ve had sushi four days in a row.. is that healthy? lol i was in a sushi drought and all of the sudden i`ve been eating it religiously . I love it. I told my boyfriend he needs to learn how to make some :D

Anyway my weekend.... nothing exciting, all i did was work and ugh i hate it.

Oh! I dyed my hair, my hair was very black and i wanted to go lighter for the summer so it`s like a reddish dark brown... its Ok for now but i`ll probably dye it again later on to the color i wanted.


Princess.Maria said...

i love sushi too !! i think u will b fine !! dont worry keep eating it lol



Taryn "Skinny Genes" B. said...

lol I had sushi once. It doesnt get me full. If I can't get niggaritis from whatever I eat then its not quality food lol. New look huh? coolness.

Anonymous said...

u already know me & sushi. i cant ever get enough of it lol. id eat that everyday for the rest of my life if that was possible.. its been a long week for me.. i cant wait to start work on monday :D

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

oh man! i love sushi! i can't get enough of it. have you ever gone to genki sushi? if not you need to get to one! =)

Anonymous said...

Blehhh sushiii. But yayyy for new hair colorr I want too see some flicks of ur hair lady

Princess.Maria said...

hey !! of course ill let u know how to get to fire island ... that place is amazing the beach is so nice !! perfect place to go with ur bf =)

love ur blog !! would you like to link ?



Anonymous said...

ooh. =) thank you for the suggestion!

Anonymous said...

mmmm sushi, I always attempt to make my own, but it's never as good as restaurant or store bought

CoutureCarrie said...

Okay I need a Dragon Roll real bad now!!

One Eighteen said...

you should post pictures of what your hair looked like before and after. i mean i can tell you look good either way but im just sayin, for your readers' sake.



my dear stylish Kay

before i go to bed, i wanted to warn my friends : be aware ! my last photos could give you the desire to fall in love with Paris and move in ! lol.

cheers from Paris

Let's keep in touch !


Princess.Maria said...

sofrito is on 1st Ave n 57th st

really goos puerto rican restaurant !!!

Nay'Chelle said...

Sushi is delicious. I hope your hair turns out exactly how you want it.

Anonymous said...

I'm no sushi buff, thats for sure. A girl from my High School, offered me some before. I only, ended up eating the rice around the fish. ^-^

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