Aug 4, 2009

wknd update;*

This weekend I went to stay at Sole's house. I had lots of fun, went to seaside, saw the movie The Collector, & just had a nice little girls wknd .

About the movie The Collector... Oh my... I am such a scaredy cat....I was squirming around, holding on to Sole's arm and covering my eyes, lmao. This movie somewhat reminds me of Saw only because of the "game" . It takes place in a home of a jeweler & his family, they are taken hostage by some weird creepy dude and tortured. The person who finds this family suffering was not there to save them... but to actually steal something.... He somehow gets mixed up into this and is trying to escape the house. Only he cant because there are tons of weird booby traps that will kill u with the quickness. DEF recommend this movie. I bet there will be a second movie...

Yeah so since the weather sucked this weekend (rain) me & sole stayed in and baked cupcakes & she cooked for me. So yummy

She also is helping me RE-DO my blog... we had a photo shoot session! It was weird being the "model" & not the photographer. I hope you guys will like my new blog soon & pics. Cannot wait!!
Sole made me wear red lipstick!! *gasp* , I actually like it! I will have to go out and buy some so i can start wearing it more often :D

Enjoy the pics :D


lipstick cherry said...

those red velvet cupcakes looks delicious

Anonymous said...

o my thats a lot of frosting on that cupcake :D

Tay MF Dee said...

yo shxtt is gooood

follow me me on here

n ill follow you bakk;;)

Taryn Andre said...

yay! LONG TIME NO SPEAK! hope you've been well....cant wait to see the new blog.

Anonymous said...

you look so cute in that last pic


NIC-KIA said...

looks all the way delishhh!
Cute flicc too mamma!

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