Jan 25, 2010

Be here 1/27

Come for a good time! over 40 giveaways :D

Free drinks for an hour, the sleepless special for $5 til 1am.

We will be taking money donations for Yele at the door, and when you donate you'll get an extra raffle ticket to win one of our many giveaways =)

Jan 22, 2010

Vlogging, again?!

Okay I was not expecting to do this but whatever here yah go... blah blah blah

Jan 20, 2010


Currently listening to this =)

Check him out

Vans x Hellz; in depth

Check out this video Miss Lawn did that takes us more in depth =)

Avatar Make-up

I too was one of the millions that watched Avatar and fell in love with the movie. Yes it was a Pocahontas knockoff but whatever lol.

This video is hilarioussss , but if you really want Avatar inspired make-up Michelle Phan tells us how! Where does this girl live? I want to meet her.

Jan 19, 2010

Vans x Hellz

Not so sure if I should get the Vans x Hellz shoes. I think I am =) , I've been a Hellz Bellz fan for years and its only right I get a pair of shoes. I love vans too so I might as well. I am also super excited for the party next week! I cannot wait to finally meet Miss Lawn, I`m not a stalker I swear(lmao) but I really do admire her. This woman has been on her grind hard and has built such a great street wear brand solely for the ladies. You have to respect it, I can only imagine what she will bring us this year and hopefully many more......

I will def keep you guys updated on the event =)

Oh and I`m getting the all black and white hightops. lurve em

I like to be tacky. . . .

This past weekend I went to go spend a couple of days with Sole' ! I have not seen this girl since September!

I was so happy to see her! Me and this girl are such FATASSES! lmao when we get together all we do is eat food, and sleep. But we still managed to do a small shoot for my site (coming SOON I promise)

Here are a FEW pics that I took with my stupid new camera that I MUST return. I miss my old Sony cybershot. This dique 12 megapixel touch screen is just not doing it for me...

Meet Trigga the Fish, he was such a camerawhore!

Meet "Mittens", Sole' says she doesn't like taking pics but I swear she was posing for me bahahah

I like to drink juice out of cartons, madd ghetto. lmao

OMG I love this fishy here! Is it a puffer fish?? His name is
WHATCHU smilin` at?! aww que cute

Bows, polka dots, cheetah print. Yep I like tacky shit. sue me

Jan 13, 2010

21-7 RE-launch party

As some of you know I am part of 21-7magazine.com and I love it! We bring you nothing but the best. Lifestyle, fashion, culture, communications, music and everything else in between!

My 21-7 crew will be hosting a re-launch party and I know it's going to be great! If you're in the NYC area please come and celebrate with us ;)

Right now the magazine and archives aren't up but check out our blog
Also don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter!

Kweenz Destroy in stock!

Indie did her thing with these shirts! I want all of them please and thank-you!
Head over to MissFamousstore.com and get yours today ;) Also because we're nice like that use promo code NEWISH for 15% off ! Ah I love discounts don't you?

*If you happen to order the shirts and you got this info from me, while checking out on the note section say that you saw it on my blog ;)

Jan 7, 2010

Looking for interns!


Happy 2010*

I didn't even get to write my last post of 09 or show you guys my new hair.

It's not like I`ve been "busy" , I really have been a lazy girl this week. I've been enjoying my Winter break off school. I go back in 2 weeks and I know it is going to go with the quickness!!!

However, let me update you all on what the fuck I've been doing....

+ I practically bought my own domain.
+A friend is helping me with my layout *super excited.
- I've been home mostly because my two jobs have no hours for me :(
+Brainstorming 21st Bday Plans. (to those that will be invited, you are in for a treat ;) ...details soon)
+Also planning somewhat of a online blog domination hehe
+Getting my makeup portfolio together. Even if I use my own camera and I`m the photographer...it will get done before I go back to school. No excuses
-missing a "happy meal" west coast chola knows the deal...

Now I present you my new 'do

I go by Karen O , since this new look reminds me of her. Plus that is my real name ;)

On that note, look out for my new site, new content, more posts, more everything!


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