Aug 26, 2008

I've been MIA

Things have been pretty hectic around my way.... I started school on Monday, right now i`m sitting in the cafeteria by myself. I`m waiting  for my friend to get out of class. Last Friday I went to NYC to see my boyfriend and hung out with my bff and other friend and did a little bit of shopping. I bought MAC`s Mineralize Skin Finish & a DazzleGlass LipGloss. I`ll take pics of that later. Also bought this cute shirt from H&M & and a belt. H&M`s fall line is amazing! I absolutely love fall, I get to wear my peacoats,boots,scarfs,mittens & cute hats ^_^

Something that kind of bothers me is that whole thing with people wearing scarfs is getting eh played out?? Specially in the city omg. I really like that style but too many people wearing it... don`t you hate that? When you know a style before it blows up and then everyone is wearing it? Eh whatever...

Just wanted to quickly update. I`m already making plans for Six Flags' Fright Fest ;)

Aug 16, 2008

From sneakers to make-up

I`m tired but not sleepy. I worked from 10am till 10 pm. It was so busy at work too. Its back to school season so you know it was packed ( I work at a shoe store) PLUS some Air Jordan's released today so there were extra people in there. Anyway the shoes you see below are one of the Jordans that released today. Its a mix between a couple of different models, I was going to get them butI really dont want them that bad. So smart little me is going to make a profit off them... a desperate girl came in today upset at the fact we sold out of her size and she's my size.... SO yeah i`ll be making a $60 profit .
For some reason I'd rather get a pair of Chucks for 29.99 & knowing no one really is going to have them on like Jordans..... I think these Chucks are so cuuute!
OH & i also got my 88 eyeshadow palette in the mail friday. These colors are nice and pigmented. I cant wait to experiment and play with it.

The pic is all messed up buuut ill take a better pic with my digi cam and do some swatches.
I`m going to be working like crazy all week, glad because I owe my mother $300! Ugh. I`m craving sushi right about now, I had it for lunch today. OH and tell me why some lady called me racist at my job today! Ugh!! I payed her NO MIND because i have a mouth on me and i`ll go crazy at the mouth so i left her alone... me racist? PSH whatever.... I hate it when people take things to the next level like that..
Everyone enjoy your weekend :)

Aug 11, 2008

L M F A O!

America is my bitch! Lmao I like Blake but come on you`re on the show to promote Sisterhood not GossipGirl. The rolling of the eyes is classic...

Aug 9, 2008

My secret...

Sometimes I Speak french without meaning to....specially in my head... i try to word sentences in french that i would say in english... i must say i do a pretty damn good job half the time. I took french when i was in 5th grade all the way up to 11th. Now im going to take it again this Fall semester and i am so excited! I will need French for my career! I only have one friend that likes to talk or text in french, how cool is that?? Lol we both agreed to help one another this fall semester... I was in the French Post Secret website and that secret applies to me..... can u figure it out?lol enjoy your sunday!

Aug 8, 2008

Compulsive Buying...

I've noticed something about myself... i think i was in denial before but now i admit it. I'm a compulsive buyer. I'm sure everyone is, but i always WANT something. I don't need it.. but i got to HAVE IT. I have expensive taste too, materialistic, I want the finer things in life. The other night my boyfriend practically yelled at me and brought it to my attention that I need to STOP buying so many unnecessary things i don't need, and to start saving my money. I try to stop buying things but I can't help it.I recently stopped buying so much damn MAC Cosmetics, and if you don't know they are pretty damn expensive. Just a couple of months ago I would go to a MAC counter and spend $70 and up on makeup like every week. I didn't have a remorse about it, I was actually happy with my $32 dollar eyeshadow quad or $30 foundation. But makeup is my thing...thats what I plan to go to school for, Beauty Merchandising & Marketing. 

Sneakers... thats another thing. I always want a new pair of shoes. I'm the type of chick that doesn't discriminate against sneakers. I could wears Jordans,Chucks,Pumas,DCs,Nikes,Vans,anything! As long as the design is cute or something like that. But yeah I need to calm down on the sneaker thing.... :( I can't wear high foot is too wide and fat as I like to call it so it huuuuuurts! I have a few pair of high heels... don't really wear them. Some GUESS ones and BCB ones, and Payless :D
I really want a Louis Speedy though... but do I really need it? No I dont but I WANT IT.
:sighs: When am I going to learn?? It's hard putting down an item you want, and the fact that my job doesn't pay me enough for what I want means that half the time I'm broke! Yeah I admit it, last year I wasn't like this. I would always have a lot of money in my account like a grand or something like that and it would just sit there. I guess I have to have self control.... OR I just need a better job :D

Aug 6, 2008

i`m back

I finally got my laptop!! YAY! I also changed up my page, i hope everyone likes it. So let's see what have i been up to??

Last week i went to the Hellz Bellz Sample Sale in NYC. I was so exciited. I got there around 12pm & there was a line, it wasn't that bad, i waited for 15 minutes. People kept coming out with bags of stuff!! I thought all the good stuff was taken but there was plenty of boxes full of shirts,sweaters,jackets,and jeans. My mom was with me so she helped me out a lot, there was a lot of shirts i liked but i knew i couldn't over do it... I was in that store for an hour or so.. just looking and searching for different items. I came out with 5 shirts, and two sweaters, it all added up to $160.00. I think that was a good deal since that alone is how much a jacket or jeans cost. So when it was my turn to pay, I couldn't find my debit card...i started panicking. My mother ended up paying for everything && she thought i did it on purpose which was def not true! SO now i have to pay her back this friday when i get paid. I was reading Nitrolicious's blog and TrashBag , it looks like they put different stuff out on the last days...kind of mad about that but oh well. If anyone wants to see what i got ill post it just let me know ...

Sunday night i finally got to see The Dark Knight!! I know i`m late, but i couldn't go any sooner. All i have to say is WOW....Heath Ledger did a great job!I want to see it again. Oh yeah i got in for free... YAY lol. I want to go see Mamma Mia next week or so..

Today i`m suppose to get my nails done but idk if i am.. we will see.

i`ll post some pics on my next post...

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