Dec 28, 2008


so lately i have not been postin, kinda not in the mood -_- * but thanks to everyone who keeps on subscribing 

i hope everyone had a great christmas & such, & hopefully everyone has a safe & happy new year ;)

i`m still fckin phoneless, i swear i have to buy one this week =| . i`m just gonna get the G1 because tmobile has shitty ass phones.

anyway today i just went to the outlets that are around here. did not buy anythin but makeup from the cosmetics company outlet. bought femme fi eyeshadow from the neo sci fi collection, the 224 blending brush *soo happy , tendertone in hush hush (; * gorgeousss color & smells so good & makes my lips so soft ;) and the oil control lotion/base . i got everythin for only $60.... damn me and my spending habits * need to change that in the new year.

umm yeah thats pretty much it, OOOOH and the lancome review i`ll post it sometime this week i proomiiise


Anonymous said...

I love your lack of updates!!!!:)


Anonymous said...

its always a pleasure to follow your lovely blog :)))

your not the only one, I need to cut down on the shopping too... but its so hard LOL

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