Dec 19, 2008

You know what?

I noticed that my room has too many damn tea cups.... or just regular cups. I eat my oatmeal in cups =p, so what? & around winter time I drink too much Cinnamon tea or as I like to call it 
 te de canela (spanish) . I drink it everyday... in fact I think after this post I`ll go make some...  oooh check this cute Hello Kitty Tea Cup Set, so kawaii !

In another note, finals are over. I went to go take my psychology final & went to sell books back out of 4 books they only took 2 books back -_-

&& you know what?! they gave me $9 fckin dollars back....

blah, i`m over it.

in other news, it`s snowing just in case you did not notice.... of course if u live in Cali or Hawaii u wouldn't know... or some other hot place where it does not snow -_-

umm yeah karmaloop has 50% off today =|

server is toooooo busy, i just want to order my cubbanie links & call it day but too many people on the site =| 

ok i`m done.

<.3 kay


A-LI$T said...

i loveeeeee tea tooo

Kristine said...

i'm sippin' tea right now.. but not in a cute cup like u got.. lol

Paola said...

those hello kitty tea cups are cute !!! :)

[$ H A R O N A] said...

9 dollars?! i would keep them and post signs up at the beginning of next semester around the dorms and shit. i used to do that..


Anonymous said...

Oops hun it actually snowed in pasadena,ca ite near LA early last week. Global warming is challenging stereotypes and anyways some years back it did snow in Cali. as well...just thought i'd fill u in

Anonymous said...

Can i say that that is exactly what I did. I went to go take my psyc final and then return my book s..tho i did end up getting about seven dollars tho ! lol :)

Anonymous said...

Lovee the tea cup set.

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