Mar 26, 2009

ohhhh i love a good deal!

Youtube & the make-up gurus are responsible for me having like all of the make-up I own now, I swear! So today I was doing my daily browsing && I stumbled on Tiffany's video on this company called Sigma Make-Up.

Basically this company has comparable MAC brushes, && guess what? They are BETTER *gasp*. This is great news for me because I want to start free lancing or somethiiing! Everyone knows that MAC brushes are "la creme de la creme" when it comes to their brushes. Bad news is that they are sold out on EVERYTHING ;( . I def wanna get this set for only $79.00 (suuuch a steal) before Sigma raises the price! lol. But yeah watch Tiffany's video ;) & save urself A LOT OF MONAYYYYY lol


Mar 21, 2009

Extra Extra!

lol i am so corny, but if you havent heard! 21 -7 magazine's 3rd issue is out! Like I said in one of my previous posts, I joined that team & I must say I am glad to be part of it! This issue is great!

&& here is my article ;)

&& i'll leave u with some pics from the fashion spread! 

Pics by Alejandro Perez ;) 

Mar 20, 2009

Did you miss me?!

I am soooo sorry if I have not updated in like idk how long..... well this week was my spring break & it went wayyy tooo fast. Good news is that I got to spend it with the people that I love ;]

Monday -Tuesday I was in the city with my baby ;] . Had a great time! Ate some yummy sushi,japanese food, and more food! (thank-you baby for both meals ;) ) . We watched Watchmen & ommg it was suuuuch a good movie. Long but good. I think I may need to see it again because I was somewhat lost... but if you have not seen it yet I suggest you guys GO and see it. The weather in NYC was soooo nice!! Tuesday was St.Pattys day, I was suppose to meet up with some friends but I do not have fake i.d. =| , so blahhhhhh lol. The train back home was PACKED of people from the parade.... there were no seats :( 

Wednesday I met up with some friends, got some Pizza Hut, went to the mall & saw Twilight at this movie theater for like $2 . I saw this movie before with my boyfriend.... it was eh... I saw it again because my friends did not see it and there was shit to do so yeaaa..... we walked out after Bella told Edward he was a vampire.... we kept giggling and making jokes about the was fun lmao. Then we got bored and left after that scene =|

Thursday I hung out with my best friend, ate KFC, called our other friend... drove around. Mall,Target, went to Wendys.. parked in front of my house for 3 hrs and gossiped :D lmao. Good times

Today I worked both jobs... nothing exciting :( 

I promise I will start blogging more often....


Mar 9, 2009


I will update tomorrow about 3 things...

The new MAC foundation; the concealer; & this new mascara I LOVE!

yup yup... 

Mar 7, 2009


my damn blackberry is the fckin shit!!! I fcking loooove it. I am SOOOO GLAD I got it. Anyway if any peeps out there that use the BB messenger like that would like to chat it up sometime with yours truly... leave ur PIN here in the cmmnt box... & I will ADD u asap ;]

Mar 5, 2009

New banner!

Thanks Bell for the banner! I was getting tired of Kaws & since I don`t fckz with PSP or CS anymore.... idk what i`m doing! lol thanks giiirl

anyway does anyone have any sites where i can go that have some legit html for blogger? please drop the links here ;] 

Thank youuuuuu 

Mar 3, 2009



SO . . for those who follow my blog from like the JUMP . . know that i`ve had my eye on some shoes . . . not any shoes... but precious little darlings that would of been my babies.

SO ... also... I haven't had a phone for a while... yeah that long... mind u what i`ve been doing with my money all these months =x . What I will be doing is a mature decision ( it`s only right I am 20 now after all...) Instead of buying THESE *tear drops*

I will be buying this:

I know most of u are like "uh isnt the phone 200" yeah for new ppl with tmobile.. however i`m not new & i have no credit... so i`ll have to drop $500 for that bitch . . . uh yeah not cool.

There was suppose to be an Adidas Event in Wooster Street in SoHo , idk if it was tonight or if its tomorrow night... but for those of you who want these babies... I suggest you call or go see if they're there .

Fuck this shit man.... ugh... I hope I dont see anyone post these shoes anymore in the blogworld... yeah it's that serious! So I will go now and cry in my little corner =| Naw i`m about to go do some French hw & talk to my boo...


Mar 1, 2009

Why do we scream at each other??
This is what it sounds like
When doves cry...

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