Jan 13, 2009

Blake Lively in VOGUE;

Lively will be in the cover of the February issue of Vogue.... yay or nay?

-anyone catch GossipGirl? I`m addicted to that show.. I think she looks pretty . Doesn't look so photoshopped to me :) The 2nd pic does not even look like her. . 


stephyy said...

yay lol she is pretty

kmX said...

She looks gorgeous & it really doesn't look photoshopped & I love Gossip Girl! ;]

Rai said...

She looks so pretty.
I love Gossip Girls!

PORCHE ` said...

She's beautiful. I love GOSSIP GIRL :)

devon said...

yay! she is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

i tried to get into Gossip Girls, but i failed =(

she is really pretty. love her in Sisterhood movie!

Yay for Pulparindo!!

glam girl$. said...

yeah i tried gettin into gossip girl too; but nahhh. LOL.
however, blake looks NICEEEEEE.
i likee. & btw; why didnt u go sat!?

R! said...

I love Gossip Girl, but Serena is so annoying. Blair FTW!

and that cover shot looks nothing like her.

LaLa said...

NAH, & I have my reasons. lol.

but um how did your interview go?


glam girl$. said...

awwwh . yeah that sucks.
plus i dont even blame u.
that snow was tuff. & it was
oh so cold. smfh. me, trynna
be all cute with a skirt on
& open toe choos, got sick
the next day. soooo yeah. LOL
:[ but thanxx for the compliment!

I am Jwork said...

Yoooo I add you on myspace

Vic said...

Loves gossip girl, poor hubby knows the damn story line too (he hates that fact)

I loveee that last pic and outfit, she looks pretty

Athena. said...

These pictures are amazing.

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