Jan 20, 2009


Heyyy guys!  I came home from school and i decided to do this Vlog cuz i was booored outta my mind... && muh hair looks a hawt mess its frizzy n shit. But i had to like wake up at 6am eeeeek soooo i didnt give to much thought into the hair. Anyway listen away....

&& today was a great day in history ;)


kmX said...

I think you're the most adorable person in the world ;]

& LMAO @ the dude. Your so nice because I wouldah been like "Uh, Homie drop it, if you were so good you would'nt be tryna pester me into listening to your shzxtbox mouth you make 'music' out of. And unless you gonna help me find my hotsauce keep it movin..."

Anonymous said...

You are so cute, Kay!!!! If I was straight, I was smash!!!!:)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

aww you go from valley grl to crenshaw so immaculate, hunny ;) jk jk lmao<3 dnt hesitate to use that rejection hot line number next time lol.

In A NY State Of Mind said...


WHO puts hot sauce in their pizza (besides my pops) oh noez!


Joyce said...

Hey Kayyyy! :-)

glam girl$. said...

lmao. yea ur too nice.
cuz my mean ass woulda been
like boy bye. or i just woulda
left him there talkin to himslf.
"sorry" lmaooo. <33

$oulCHK said...


nigga that shit was so cute!

"um, jus cuz i have my hair two toned doesnt mean i party"

"does it look like i party?"


and u lookin for hot sauce!

<3 adorable

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