Jan 29, 2009


So today was like free food type of thing at my school but not really cuz i`m pretty sure tuition paid for that =| . but whatevs . It was like a club fair & yours truly is in the Business Club! lmao Yeah HUSH ... anyway so me & my friend were like 1st in line to get food... no surprise there... i got like 3 sammiches, bag of chips, can of soda, like 4 cookies... a bottle of water... && why yes i did eat all of that :D . Then my friend had like a lil thing of cajun nuts... ate like half of that.... had 2 donuts prior to lunch... matter fact im carrying the little box of donuts in my bookbag.... GOD i`m such a fat ass lmao OOOH && then this chick in my french class offered us cookies & biscottis... =x  

-  my french class got cancelled ;[

ahhh i have to go & finish some hw. just wanted to stop by & say hayyy ;]

P.S.- THANKS for everyone commentin my post the other day.... && whyyy did my boyfriend just call me a munk... chipmunk... lmfao i hate him. okay gtg


kmx. said...

Lol, haha munk, thats kinda cute.
& WTF FREE FOOD. oh boy, i would've practically ran to lunch, on some trackstar shit.

but business club?! uhoooooooh.

lipstick cherry said...


Frijolita said...

Free food is always awsome! And cookies too..yumz.

Anonymous said...

free food!!! Where??? hahahhaha

i am only getting a l/s because i am broke from all the lil haul i do!! ahhh i can't stop

Rai said...

Can't pass up free food! LMAO.
...Obviously you can't either.

Jervis said...


Lique said...

i love free food!if you have a fast metabolism,you go ahead and knock yourself out girl.lol

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