Jan 26, 2009


Im def feeelin this shirt, && its  pink! I believe last yrs was red.

love indeed does stink "/

CLICK HERE to get the shirt along with others ;)


alissa said...

mhm i got last years for free! she was doing a promo over myspace. i get lots of compliments on the shirt. mines is white with a red logo :]

SICKNESS said...
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SICKNESS said...

She makes some cute shirts.
I have the Classy Criminals one.
Might have to pick this one up.


lol.... nice shirt but love doesn't always stink :-)

Jasmine Nicole said...

love the tee, I came across the line last year around this time .
might have to copp this one .

alissa said...

they also have one that says 'love is in the air' with the same design :]

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